Teams That Draw A Lot Against Each Other Part 3

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It's looking like betting on teams that have a lot of Draws between them in the past to Draw again isn't such a great idea. Maybe it might have a positive return over a large set of bets but the draw down would kill or at the very least, make you uncomfortable.

Just before i write this off, i'd like to hit a minimum of 15 matches. Here's what fits over the next 1-2 days.

KA Akureyri - Víkingur ReykjavíkDraw3.3L
Breiðablik Kópavogur - Stjarnan GarðabærDraw3.4L
Seattle Rain vs Ontario PrideDraw3.6W
Jönköpings Södra - AFC EskilstunaDraw3.2W

Based on the sample so far, matches where both teams are on unbeaten runs do tend to end up being close - either draws or wins by the odd goal. I'll probably move on to track that instead of just their prior H2H record.


Round 3 return = 6.8 units
Round 3 Profit = 2.8 units

Profit after 3 rounds (15 matches) = -2.7 + 1.85 + 2.8 = 1.95
Profit % after 3 rounds (15 matches) = (1.95/15) x 100% = 13%

While this system swung into profit with the results from Round 3, it needs to be more selective than just betting on teams with a lot of Draws in their H2H records. Form seems to be the natural choice for a filter and let's see how well it does over another set of 15 matches. I just hope that the number of matches to bet on wouldn't be restricted too much.

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Great analysis! ;)

Not the greatest time to run these experiments, but still you managed to make a profit. I can't wait for the regular seasons to start 😂


Me too haha. I hope with some filters this would be more profitable and without terrible losing streaks.

13% profit over 3 days is pretty decent if you ask me, try sticking your cash in the bank and see what those bastards give you back!

I agree with @beat-the-bookies too, this is a shit time of year for this kind of experiment. The WC normally has plenty of draws though... might check through the last few tournaments if I get a chance later.

Gutta Cavat Lapidem everyone!


Haha yeah it's been a while since you could get a decent interest rate from the banks. We've been at 0.1% over here for the almost a decade.

Interesting to see what the data shows. I remember there were a lot of draws in the knockout rounds at the last one.


I'm going to have a look once I get these World Cup posts out of the way! If anything looks promising I'll post it and tag you in!