NFL Playoffs Contest: Pro Bowl BONUS ROUND (3500+ Tokens Up For Grabs)

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For those of you who enjoy watching football games and winning prizes, do I have a contest for you. This contest is in conjunction with the @hairshares project, which aims to reward those people able and willing to donate their hair to worthy causes.

This is a special NFL Playoffs version - please read the rules as they have changed.


-Each week, you must pick the winner of each playoff game.
-In the Pro Bowl, you will get 2 points for selecting the right team and 10 points if you select an MVP (choose one on offense and one on defense).
-Only players that have submitted a prior entry are eligible to win points in the bonus round.
-One must submit a new entry for each round.
-Upvotes, resteems and shares are certainly appreciated, but not required.

Additional Rules

-All entries must be in before the first game of the week (2pm CST Sunday)
-One entry per user, per week.
-Distributions should be made by Tuesday following the Super Bowl.


1st Place - 750 HAIRSHARE Tokens
2nd Place - 500 HAIRSHARE Tokens
3rd Place - 250 HAIRSHARE Tokens

Bonus - Nobody has qualified for the bonus.

Follow instructions on to redeem these valuable tokens!

Fourth Week Schedule


Check out @hairshares to learn more about this project.

Standings After Week Two
21 points

18 points

17 points

15 points

14 points

12 points

8 points

5 points

4 points

3 points

2 points

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Winners: AFC
Off MVP: DeAndre Hopkins
Def MVP:Jalen Ramsey

Winners: NFC
OMVP: Michael Thomas
DMVP: Harrison Smith


that ultragenial, greetings friend this improves more and more.

Winners: AFC
Offensive: Kareem Hunt
Defensive: Von Miller

So you're saying there is a chance!!

Winner: NFC

Offense: Jared Goff
Defense: Earl Thomas

Winners: AFC
Offense MVP: Antonio Brown
Defensive MVP: Khalil Mack

Winners: AFC
Offense MVP: Antonio Brown
Defensive MVP: Harrison Smith

Winners: AFC
Offense MVP: Antonio Brown
Deffensive MVP: Harrison Smith

Winners: NFC
Off MVP: Kareem Hunt
Def MVP:Jalen Ramsey

Winners : AFC
Off mvp : Antonio Brown
Def mvp:von miller