What is kickball?

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Kickball, also called kickingball or fireball, is a game between two teams whose goal is to score as many races as possible and prevent the other team from scoring races. The team that has scored the most races in accordance with the regulations and under the jurisdiction of one or more referees wins.

Invented in the United States around 1942. A journalist during World War II, Ernie Pyle, noted the development of a new game by soldiers from Africa, during the North Africa campaign, 1942-1943.

In the early 1960s, in the holiday games of the Colleges of the United States of America, an entertainment was devised that used the least amount of sports equipment possible; This started the practice of kickball, played with a soccer ball by a group of children of both sexes, picking up the ball hit with the foot, very similar to baseball, but without gloves and without bat. "Kickball" means in Spanish "kick to the ball." The kickball arrived in Venezuela, Mexico, USA, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia in approximately 1945, through "Diego Santos" and his brother "Janni Fonceca Diaz". Currently this sport has a lot of popularity in both countries.



1 Each team must have between 9 and 11 players

2 The pitcher throws a ball from the center towards the catcher, it kicks the ball and then runs to all three bases.

3 The team of players on the field can create a base tag that allows the player to be locked

4 It is played in a completely flat irregularly shaped field with a certain oval impression composed of different areas, among the main ones, which are those that represent those valid in the game, are the so-called “External Field” and another called “Internal Field”.

5 Players who are on the field, known as "Defenders", look for the kicked ball to eliminate the player who kicked it, before it first reaches one of the bases or manages to score the kickball field.

The kickball playing field is completely irregularly flat with a certain oval impression consisting of two “foult terrain” and “good terrain” terrain. The foult terrain comprises the invalid zone of the game and the good terrain comprises the valid zone. Both terrains are made up of different zones which together form what is known as the kickball playing field (each and every one of the lines that demarcate the different areas of the playing field are marked with white construction material so that may be visible)


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