What is athletics?

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Athletics is considered the oldest organized sport in the world. It covers numerous disciplines grouped in races, jumps, throws and combined tests.

The word athletics comes from the Greek word "atletes", which is defined as "that person competing in a test determined by a prize", that Greek word is related to the word alethos which is synonymous with the word "effort".


Athletics is the art of overcoming the performance of opponents in speed or endurance also called bottom, distance or greater height. The number of tests, and the types, whether individual or in groups, has varied over time. Athletics is one of the few sports practiced worldwide, whether among fans or in competitions of all levels. Simplicity and the few means necessary for its practice explain this success.


The first historical reference to athletics dates back to 776 BC. C. in Greece, with a list of the winners of a competition. Within athletics there are several types of tests. This is something very complete because due to athletics many sports arose, such as running races (speed, medium distance, bottom, hurdles, cross country, relays ...), jumps (long, high, triple jump, pole vault), throws (weight, javelin, hammer ...), athletic gait, and combined tests. The latter are also known as decathlon and, as the name implies, it is made up of ten tests: three for launch, three for jumps and four for races.

The discipline was developed over the centuries, from the first tests until its regulation The Olympic Games are the most prestigious international event and seen throughout the planet. The Olympic Games are held every four years since 1896 and athletics is the most important discipline in them. Since 1982, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), which is the body responsible for the regulation of the discipline, has relaxed its rules by ending the amateur period of the discipline. The first World Athletics Championship was organized in 1983 and has been held every two years since 1991.


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