Order # 1 - Pants around my ankles

in sports •  6 months ago

I am glad i have paid for this, as i would most probably change my mind for the 10th time in the last month!
Its a slip n slide with a splash pool at the end to land in, this should be fun to use in Summer and hopefully rent well
We are supposed to have another golden Summer and i hope water based inflatable will be just the ticket
This can go on the end of a slide but can also be used by itself which is my plan

I will shortly make my mind up on the 2nd inflatable i will get for Summer 2018/19 in the mighty NZ!!

This is me @kiwiscanfly
Image result for slip n slide meme

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Looking good kiwi!

Heya...check-out our discord thread 😜
Rock on 🤘😎


And killer boots btw !!!

Definitely this is a cool idea and you might get lots of orders as well! For me this is better than invest on crypto these days!


a golden summer? - really??? awesome! - i can't remember what summer is like - today it was so cold I only knew my nose was running because I could taste salty snot on my top lip - couldn't feel my face at all...

how many of these things do you have now?

Crikey! Where do you store them all?

What if you put them all end to end and made a blow up ninja course........ just thinkin'.... hehehe

It does really sounds cool by the way

another addition to your collection ;)


yeah why not i say

Yeah that looks fun as heck!


blaze up + sunny day = fun :)

Your collection is good.
Keep going mate.
Slip and slide..

That is one hell of a fun gadget ! If you can keep your pants on, that is.