Terminologies used in sports that you might not have heard of

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Blitz defence
The Blitz defence is a defensive tactics used in Rugby Union. The Blitz defence depends on the whole defensive line moving forward towards their focus man as soon as the ball leaves the base of a ruck or
maul . The movement is usually led by the inside centre.

This is a terminology used in the game of Cricket. Flighting the ball is a cunning action in which a
bowler in cricket tricks the batsman with unnoticeable changes in the speed of delivery using almost similar bowling actions. It is the origin of the expression 'tricked in flight.

Cross checking
Cross-checking is a minor offence in the sport of
Ice Hockey where a player checks an opponent by using the handle of his or her stick with both hands.

Hit Wicket
Hit wicket is a method of getting out a Wicket in the sport of Cricket .

Footwork is a term used in Martial Arts or combat sports
Footwork involves keeping balance, closing the distance, controlling space positioning, and/or cause additional momentum for strikes.

Ghost goal
A ghost goal is a controversial goal , usually involving doubt as to whether or not a ball crossed the goal line .
Commonly used mostly in sports such as basketball and netball , the term is also used to describe the successful regain of the ball in that

Nineteenth hole
In golf , the nineteenth hole is a term for bar or restaurant on or near the golf course.

In tennis , a bagel is a term marking a situation when the set ends with a score of 6–0.

Marseille Turn
The Marseille Turn , also known as the 360 turn is a dribbling skill unique to the game of football. Zinedine Zidane and Diego Maradona are arguably the most notable advocate of the move.

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