The Real World Cup Finale

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If my World Cup picks were any indication (and they clearly were) it is easy to see that I know absolutely nothing about soccer. Actually that may be a bit extreme. I have watched enough youth soccer games to understand the rules. I also know the names of Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo and Pele.

My wife made me include this picture of Ronaldo... who apparently plays soccer.

I know Messi from him being constantly criticized, Neymar for rolling around on the ground, Ronaldo from the fact that my wife wishes she could roll around on the ground with him and Pele because I grew up in the U.S. during the 1970s... and he's freaking Pele!

I know so little about the sport that in order to include some content with my World Cup picks that I had to jump in the way back machine and watch the movie Victory with my son.

A couple of of days ago, I learned something else about soccer. France (who apparently won despite my expert prediction that they wouldn't) has an up and coming young star named Kylian Mbappé. Not only is he insanely fast and athletic, he is only 19 years old! He became the youngest player to score in a World Cup game since Pele did it in 1958 when he was only 2 years old. Alright he was 17 but it is still really impressive. So Kylian Mbappé did something that got him mentioned with the most famous soccer player of all time... and I could not possibly care less.

Before the World Cup, this kid was not on my list of soccer players who I could name.

Soccer is not my thing. I wouldn't have cared if Mbappé had scored from the goalie potion (like Sylvester Stallone had demanded his character do in the movie Victory. It took weeks for the creators to convince him that would be ludicrous). I probably would have just made a snide comment like, "Well the goal is the size of freaking two car garage".

If I don't care about this kid's excellent dribbling ability, his explosive acceleration, agility, quick feet, and creativity when in possession of the ball, why the heck am I wasting my time writing about him?

Well this young 19 year old just did something far more impressive and important than anything he will ever do on the pitch (I think that is what it is called).

For his role on the team, Mbappé earned $22,500 each game. He also received a A $375,000 bonus for winning the World Cup. So this 19 year old has a cool half a million burning a hole in his pocket. When I was 19, if I had $50, I would have called my friends and bought a Coors Light beer ball faster than Mbappé could make it from midfield to the goal line. I can only imagine the party this kid is going to throw with that cash. Or perhaps he'll but a sports car with it. Perhaps he'll go the route of picking up some "bling" to show off his accomplishments.

We're going to Sizzler! We're going to Sizzler!


19 year old Kylian Mbappé is not going to spend one dime (or is it Euro) of that $500,000.

He is donating all of it to Premiers de Cordée. This charity provides opportunities for children, who are hospitalized or have disabilities, to play sports.

And its not just his money that he donates. Mbappé also gives the kids his time. According to Sebastien Ruffin, the charity's general manager, Mbappé has actually played with the kids and has found ways to encourage them.

Congratulations Mr. Mbappé! Your family should be incredibly proud of all that you have accomplished before your 20th birthday!

Oh and nice job on that World Cup thing as well.

I don't understand a word of French... luckily a child's smile translate in any language.

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He is so fit!

The next generation!!!

mbappe will be the successor of Cristiano ronaldo and messi. He has an incredible talent. what you have to avoid is what Neymar has already done ...


The boy plays with the bravery of a 28 year old. He is one for the future


Hope he will not follow Neymar but i think he will be the successor of neymar not ronaldo or messi

That's awesome! I hadn't heard about him choosing to donate his earnings to charity.

Like you I barely follow soccer. Occasionally I will catch a U.S. national team game on TV and then I watch the world cup every 4 years. I did catch almost all of France's games and Mbappe's athleticism jumped off the screen right away. The kid has bright future ahead of him.


Yeah I was shocked by him. I had no idea who he was but his speed was very easy to appreciate. His act of generosity was even easier though.


It is an amazing thing to be able to watch someone setting new standards in sports. This is a young man that we will be hearing about for many years to come it seem''''' just say your awesome'''''

This year's World Cup was full of surprises
The most beautiful surprise was the French player Ambape
He is a great player and he will become the best player in the world

This is one of the highest level of generosity I've ever read or heard of.

With that, he has earned my total respect.

Amazing thing to do with the money earned. Did not expect him especially at 19 years old to do that. Kudos to him.

Mbappé has a great future, I wish him more achievements in football and do not become arrogant as some of the articles that flew out of the world championship.

That's so generous of him..he's only 19 and has the world under his feet...
Good to know that he does charity as well :)

Thank you for this informative post, that World Cup was full of unexpected things, newcomers and some of new teams showed very good sport.

Of course Mbappe is not possible to forget, he was a star of French team but that he decided to donate the money to such charity organisation he really deserves RESPECT. For children the important thing is to see their Star playing with them like their friend.

He's a kid Mbappe with an incredible future you know, and to earn such an incredible amount of money is even more I think he has a whole lot if his Career doesn't go south his started off by winning the world cup though


Yeah it will be tough for him to top this.

It is an amazing thing to be able to watch someone setting new standards in sports. This is a young man that we will be hearing about for many years to come it seems. We will all be able to say that we remember the first time he played in a world cup. As for the money, it must be nice to be set for life at age 19. He is going to make a bigillion dollars in his lifetime.

Wow you had me with the first pic hahaha but what a feel good story - so nice to know that all over the world there are still good caring people left

I wanted to make a post exactly like this one of yours really. You have perfectly described it.

I know Messi from him being constantly criticized, Neymar for rolling around on the ground, Ronaldo from the fact that my wife wishes she could roll around on the ground with him and Pele because I grew up in the U.S. during the 1970s... and he's freaking Pele!

The details given are absolutely correct but no one among these can match Pele. He was a legend in himeslf.
Ronaldo is my favorite of all time though.

This young player is a decent player to thumbs up

i wish him to play for real madrid to competite for balon de O

es genial tu post los sigo desde hace mucho jaja

Los invito a echarle un ojo a mi blog sobre fútbol y a mi último artículo / I invite you to read my new post about soccer and the Real Madrid's news

This Blog Is Grate Good player

I just bet Croatia all the way to the final and did well until the championship game whistle was blown. I’m the odd Oakie California that played soccer and prefers it over American football. You enjoy this week.

que información mas provechosa

Truly, this boy was one of the leading figures of this world cup. He has a brilliant furo ahead ... France presented a team with great strengths, players like Griezmann, Pavard, Umtiti, Matuidi, did a great job, but without a doubt, Mbappé did and is making history.

Well mbappe played very well at the world cup he is sighting an instamce from is role model ronaldo because ronaldo tjis before when he collected champion league money also donate it to the orphanage home good one mbappe keep it up

Mbappe is a young amazing footballer with good heart. The sky is just his beginning.

Greatest young player since Pele.

I upvoted you
I also have something like yours on my blog, you can have a look @chukwunyere thanks

He is no doubt a great young talent. With some footballing legends are already seeing a bright future of the french lad. I just hope that he doesn't get carried away with all the stardom at a very young. With some great companions in club as well as country. This lad can be the next big thing in the footballing world after Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar.