Sports News Flash! Players can continue to breathe after being released by their team!

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This just in, when a professional athlete is released from a team, they do not die!

I know this is a shocking revelation considering that exactly zero players have died as a result of being released from their team... but it must be a big deal.

Don't worry. He's not dead. It's not like he was released by his team.
He was only hit by 900 pounds of combined muscle and anger.


Because the internet said so.

Earlier this week when I logged onto my internet (insert Simpsons joke here) in order to enjoy a few sports stories, I was met with the following shocking headlines:

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 8.02.49 PM.png

And damn it! Look at that! I actually fell for it and clicked on three of them. I am clearly a sucker.

After I did foolishly click on them, do you know what I discovered?

Absolutely nothing.

The stories were all complete non-stories. They were nonsense.

The one on wasted the least amount of my time. Although it was utter garbage, at least it was short garbage. Their 102 word "story" informed me of the following:

An employee doesn't get along with his bosses. In fact he is "fed up" with them.

This employee doesn't feel appreciated by his bosses.

The disgruntled employee is Tom Brady.

And "It wouldn’t kill Brady if the Patriots were to release him into free agency, allowing him to control his next move."

Really? Being released wouldn't cause him to immediately clutch his chest so he could go and "join Elizabeth"?!


What news!

He looks pretty happy to me.

Tom Brady has five Super Bowl rings, a net worth of $180 million dollars and is married to a super model whose net worth is $380 million.

What a shock that he would not simply drop dead if he were allowed to sign with another team for over $25 million per year.

As if the story weren't stupid enough, it ended with, "Brady has since signed an extension with the Patriots, essentially securing his future with the team."

So not only did the article waste my time by telling me that Brady would not end his dream life because he were set free from working under the soul eating Bill Belichick, there was literally no chance it was going to happen becuase he had just signed an extension to stay with the team.

This kind of non-reporting is rampant in sports (and everywhere else it seems). One of my other favorites is that The NFL is facing a crisis over its humongous ratings dip.

Pay no attention to this data. Just keep talking about how the NFL is floundering.

Many outlets keep reporting that the NFL's ratings were down 9.7% last year. And that happens to be true. However, what they fail to mention is that individual ratings are down EVERYWHERE. Why? There is a ton of competition for viewers. Netflix alone has siphoned off many network TV viewers. Then add in things like Amazon Prime and Youtube Red and viewers are spread out even more.

Because it is simply too boring to report a full story, these same outlets fail to mention that in comparison with all other programs, the NFL is BOOMING! Don't believe me?

In 2017, 37 of the top 50 rated shows were all NFL games. That is 74% of the top rated shows. So yes, the NFL is declining... just like everything else. It is just declining at a far slower rate than everything else. But facts are boring.

I thought sports were supposed to be a diversion from the nonsense of the "real" world.

Bad sports reporting and half truths make Homer something something.
Go crazy? Don't mind if I do!

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Now it is your turn.

What is the most annoying sports story you have heard, read or seen this year?

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Thanks guys! Sports has always been a passion of mine. Right now I am spread thin voting on some projects. When the price increases, I can spread my votes around more efficiently and would love to support sports content.

Brady and his career would die without the Patriots. I think he's one of the best but so much of his success is Belichick and his success.


I don't particularly like either one (I actually hate Belichick) but their is no doubt the two of them have been a perfect combo.

That's the shocking gimmick that the media employ to sell their stories, most of those stories wouldn't make any sense without a sugarcoated headline, hence the need for the bogus headlines


I agree. Luckily I can spot BS pretty quick so even if they trick me into clicking, I can usually move on before my brain melts.

Earlier they used to provide fabricated stuff but now they have descended to providing completely nonsensical stuff.


I think I'd prefer straight up fake stories. At least those could be interesting ;)


Hey, check out my last post.... I've included your name and a link to your post in that. Hope you'd like that.

Hmmmmmm, isn't it interesting that the "NEWS" givers are saying the NFL is floundering? I wonder in there is anyone out there who might look good or even benefit from "NEWS" like this? Is it possible there is someone out there who has an "ISSUE" with the NFL? There must be more to this story. Anyone know where this "NEWS" might be coming from? So curious.


Its not like someone with power tried to weasel into the NFL by destroying the USFL and was shut out. If this person did exist, its not like they would hold a grudge for over 30 years. That is far too immature.

Articles should get better now that the season is finally upon us. I think what happens is reporters who don't have inside access during the offseason will dig DEEP into the bucket looking for anything to generate some clicks (money).

I spend most of my time on bleacherreport, which usually has quality articles.


I like bleacherreport as well. But I like realgm for NBA trade rumors. But sometimes their stuff is such nonsense. The Khalil Mack trade should give everyone something to talk about.

The most annoying sports story for me this year, and last, was the Tim Tebow spring training baseball story that seems to come back to life every 10 months. I mean I like Tebow as a person and role-model, but I couldn't give two shits about his A to AA baseball career that is NEVER going to take off. I honestly think he does it to challenge himself but the media foams at the mouth in the process.


Great one! Tebow was a great college QB and had an interesting season with the Broncos. That is plenty of Tim Tebow for one lifetime. I hope he is enjoying himself, but like you, I could not possibly care any less than I do about any non-prospect playing in the minors.

Baseball is one of the most popular in the US, some people bet on it and some just for entertainment so it will never fade away. It is USA's no.1 past time and news makers will just ride on its popularity by doing gimmicks for their own gains @hanshotfirst

You are always great. I like your writing the most.

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I love sports. I like it your great full post. thanks for sharing your beautiful life my best friend @hsnshotfirst

you are true sports lover i like your post @hanshotfirst

wow Great article i'm starting follow you keep it up :)

I honestly don't follow sports beyond a passing interest in how some local kids I know do in school sports tryouts this week. I suppose every Yankees and Patriots win bugs me, because those teams always seem to win primarily by having more money than anyone else.