The Big Show: A wrestler I could never get on board with

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Maybe it's because just being a big guy hasn't much appealed to me since Andre the Giant, maybe it's because he isn't really good at cutting promos (which in my opinion is just as important at wrestling skill,) or maybe it's just because he is too big, but I have always been kind of "meh" about the Big Show in wrestling.


His real name is Paul Donald Wright II and he has been involved in the sport since 1995. You can't argue with his longevity, but I have never met anyone who was very excited about him being involved. It is always tough for the super-huge guys, because they are actually too big to perform most of the acrobatic stuff that wins a lot of points for smaller guys (who are still friggin huge by the way.)

It seems to me that if you are 7 feet tall and nearing 400 pounds that there probably aren't a whole lot of things that your size qualifies you for. However, it does seem to be obligatory for you to crawl over the top rope when entering the ring, i think that actually applies to anyone over 6 foot 6 or so.


When Biggie wins a belt (which he has accomplished many times including 7-time world champ) it is normally quite a boring reign. I mean, the dude's major moves are headbutting you, and a downward slap on your chest. When he fights really small guys it is just comical i suppose. There was a time in the early 2000's where he took on a comical persona where he would mock other wrestlers taking on temporary roles such as being "The Big Showbowski" when wrestling with Val Venus, and also as "Showkishi" when with Rikishi.


His feuds are boring and nearly always results in whoever it is that he is feuding with will end up returning to mid-card. Due to his lack of mobility smaller opponents invariably end up throwing their entire body at him and he catches them for a slam. I would say the only time i have ever been excited during a Big Show match is if he is wrestling someone extremely ripped like Ryback or Batista who are so amped they are actually able to shoulder the dude.

Ryback is definitely gonna have back problems later in life

I almost feel bad writing this because i am sure it was a real kick in the nuts for him, but he is actually in a full-length movie called "Knucklehead" that failed to make even $10,000 at the box office and was awarded the only 1/2 out of 5 stars that Slant Magazine had ever awarded at that point. I watched part of this movie and yes, it is really that bad.

I'm not saying Andre the Giant was electrifying in the ring, the really massive dudes rarely are but the shtick just doesn't do it for me and while i don't hate The Big Show, when he has a match i will normally skip through it because I know it is going to be a snooze-fest.

Sorry Paul and no, i would not say this to your face :P

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You know what I kind of feel the same and always have but never really have admitted it. I also think for me it comes down to him just being too big... like he can’t be as explosive as other top guys in his performances. Maybe if he was like a super jacked/ripped version of big show he might look ever crazier. These are all huge dudes too, when you see they’re mostly all way over 6ft... monsters!

Have you ever been to watch wwe live? I have once before in London! :)


I got to see my idol, Naitch, wrestle in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, many years ago. Unfortunately it was in the waning days of WCW and the show was not that great. Flair was wonderful as always, but the rest of the taping was pretty lame and the coliseum was only half - full.

The heckling was pretty fun and I even got my gf at the time's parents involved in shouting at the ref / babyfaces despite the fact that they were not fans.

Its the song @gooddream! That "Well its the Big Showow.." line is almost as woke-defying as Big G himself

However, it does seem to be obligatory for you to crawl over the top rope when entering the ring, i think that actually applies to anyone over 6 foot 6 or so.

This ripped me! 🤣

I love big show and he is one of the best wrestlers i've been to the place he fights it's so cool!!!!!
Big show is a legend and a really good person in real life.


I'm sure he is a very nice guy in real life, there are lots of testimonies to exactly that end. However i think the overall consensus is that he is actually a pretty terrible technical wrestler, which is understandable since he weighs a whole adult male more than the other guys.


Thank you so much for reply.. I believe that, he is actually a fantastic awesome technical wrestler, which is understandable because he is more than the older boys than the other boys.

He was so dominant early in his career, but should have retired a while ago in my opinion


Great Post with Great Information.

Great wrestler of his time. upvoted, followed and resteemed.images.jpg


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Wrestling is wrestling ,who wins is known as king.

I also choose BIG SHOW too much as a wrestler.. Thanks for share about him...

I am new. Need your help for grow up.. Thanks in advance.

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I started watching wrestling because my dad loves so I came to love it....big show is a great wrestler.

He is a good player if coming up time he can fight with Brock Lesnar it is very big match.