Ferguson / Khabib fight confirmed..... finally

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If you keep up with UFC you are probably aware that the Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov has been a long time coming. These two have been slated to face one another on 4 separate occasions and there has always been something that put a stop to it: Missing weight, rogue illness, a mysterious last-minute injury or something along those lines.

After a long wait, the contract has been signed, but it's not for another 4 months, so I guess we'll have to see if it even ends up happening because a lot of what has already happened to stop the fight, could happen again.


There are rumors that this fight is "cursed" since strange things have happened before each of the scheduled fights including Ferguson tripped over a camera cable injuring his knee during his own promotional event for the fight.


It wasn't publicity bullcrap either. Multiple witnesses and a doctor's report showed that he literally tore a ligament in his knew because he "turned around funny and tripped over a cable." Every done something crazy like not see a stair in front of you and totally bust your butt in the process? Well apparently this happens to elite athletes as well.

The bout has been officially scheduled a record-setting 5th time to take place at UFC 249 on April 18th, 2020.

Ferguson was apparently upset that the match wasn't going to be scheduled for an earlier date suggesting that Khabib was delaying "losing the belt to him."


I think that I speak for most MMA fans when I say that this is likely one of the most anticipated fights, perhaps ever. Both Ferguson and Khabib (my apologies for not using his surname but no one else does either - too complicated) are at the top of their game and both look unbeatable. They both are on a 12 win streak, and they both have ears that look like cauliflower.

If I was a betting guy (and I likely will bet on this match) my money would be on Khabib, only because I believe he is slightly better on the ground than Ferguson is.

Of course the curse may come back to bite us in the ass again anyway, lightning has already struck 4 times and unless Dana White plans on wrapping both of them in bubble-wrap for the next 4 months, there are plenty of extension cords to trip over between now and then.


This fight was canceled so many times. I hope it will not be canceled again. But, I think Khabib will win this time again. Even from the last picture here, he looks stronger. ☺

Looks can be deceiving though.

yeah, Roy Nelson looked like a hot-dog eating champion but he knocked out half a dozen he-man looking fellas before they figured him out.

Man I loved that guy. He really represented the dad-body community

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yeah i was really disappointed that he couldn't adapt his game. I haven't followed him post-UFC but apparently it has been just as disappointing as his fall-from-grace inside it.

Just went to his Twitter page and he doesn't seem bothered. The man enjoyed his 15 minutes under the sun and split with whatever money and fame he got.
He seems like a down to earth fella to share a beer with and talk about random shit with and thats why I like him.

Have you seen that video of the Chinese dude that got strapped to a chair by the police for comments he made in a Wechat conversation? I talked about it here. Is it a common theme in Asia?

of course that isn't normal.... but I don't live in China. I have only been to a couple of airports there and it never seemed normal at all even there.

That is some scary shit man. The dude looked like he was going to shit himself

Maybe the curse is because of their leprachaun looking ears 😭😂.

I haven't followed UFC for a while. Where are the events available now? Do they have a streaming service?

Interesting! I just saw something about McGregor vs. Cerrone as well!


It seems like for such a big fight they would want to hold off for UFC 250 since it is a momentous number. I am guessing if they have already had to cancel so many times they just want to get it over with. It is hard to believe that they are already at #249. I can just remember when they had #10 etc. The sport has definitely come a long way. I wish I could remember the one Pay Per View event that I actually paid for. It was quite some time ago and I can't even recall who the big ticket names were.

This will be a good one to watch if it goes ahead. UFC has gotten a lot quieter since mcgregor retired so it's time for a couple of big events. With him coming out of retirement it should get a buzz going again.

Ferguson is a warrior but don't see him winning the fight. Khabib is just relentless on the attack.

i don't see any weakness in Khabib's game, but everyone has one. Anderson Silva looked unstoppable and Jose Aldo hadn't been defeated in a decade before he got KO'd in less than 20 seconds. It only takes one mistake.

I'd take a 50 Steem sidebet on Ferguson if you are down :D I'm a big fan of Khabib but I have this feeling in my gut that this will be the fight where his streak is over :D

I'd be down with that... hehe, one of us will have to remember this though :P

Haha :D As long as you keep posting UFC posts I'll remember :D Deal

RE: Your point about Khabib being better on ground
While there is a case to be made here -- Khabib has never faced someone with the ground skills of Tony Ferguson. We are talking black-belt under Eddie Bravo's 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu (a no-gi school that is designed more for MMA than Gracie), on top of a collegiate wrestling background.
Also, Ferguson isn't just another grappling-1st / everything-else-2nd. He is deadly on feet, and has 10x the tank Conor does.

My point being -- Tony can hold his own on the ground; he won't gas-out; and he has far superior striking skills than Khabib.

Am I saying wager all your Steem against Khabib? No -- while I am Team Tony at the moment, Khabib's record and legacy speaks for itself right now -- the guy is a true beast.

Bottom line -- this will be the hardest fight Khabib has had to endure in the UFC. If he does eventually get Tony to tap [unlikely; I think this will be a bloody match that goes to decision], it will take far longer than all his other opponents.

nice follow-up. you clearly know your stuff. I am real excited to see this one. Let's just hope Tony can stay injury free and Khabib can manage to not get the flu again :P