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ADSactly Sports - The World's game: The Real "Football"

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To bad it does become too soon too serious. My sons are 6 and 9, and within their team already selections are taking place. And we are talking about a small local team. The oldest son will start training next season 3 times 1,5 hours per week.
When I was young, it was more relaxed!
Still a great sport!

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Well, try to guide them along the path of sport and let them learn to be disciplined.... Discipline and perseverance are the key to sport. He's tough, but he's worth it.

We just have to leave it as a hobby hahaha.


I remember those times when we used to play in the street, I was filled with nostalgia, we hardly do it anymore, I wanted to make a big comment but you left me speechless, you said it all for me, @emmanuel250998 we should play one of these days to remember those good moments.

On the other hand I think Argentina wins the World Cup.