I pray so be quick to get well soon. pray for mohammad salah.Allah help you dear salah. don't worry!!!

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The dream of a Mohamed Salah was the Egyptian Egypt's dream surgeon Salah knocked out of the World Cup in. What a brutal mockery of fate, The whole soccer world that was with Sallah. We are not able to play the World Cup after making them all silent Liverpool star.
Real Madrid defeated Real Madrid by 3-1 goals in the Champions League final, in the 30th minute of the match, Real Defender Sergio Ramos made a dangerous one-off call to shed Salah. It usually takes 12 to 16 weeks to recover from shoulder injury. Mohamed is crying with Salah so the entire Egypt.
The time to take on Saturday's Kievo final Ramoos swooped on the ground with a loud shout. It was a bit scary, Salah realized that the injury was better. With the help of physiologists, initial treatment was started. After a little while back to the field. After a while, Fizio called again. Explained in tears and could not play. Ramos, however, has been able to get away with such a deal. Referee did not show any type of card.
After the fossil of Ramos, there has been a storm on Twitter-Facebook. Daily Mirror sports journalist David Madak took the accused to the charge of Real Cricketer. His claim- Ramos, who intentionally ruined the dream of a party-country. Ramos Faul is angry with social media A supporter wrote that Ramos did not only engage in Salah, but he has engrossed beauty football. And the tears of Salah's tears billions of football love lovers.

everybody pray for salah so that he get well soon.

thanks to all...


i hope he gets well pretty soon

ins sha allah. we wish he gets well very soon.

I wish Salah is recovers quickly and well.

I was rooting for Liverpool cause of him. I hope he gets well so he’s able to play in the World Cup.

As long as those robots aren't women.

It's in our imagination.

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