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Absolutely diabolical. Those are probably the strongest words I can use to describe what I witnessed over at Saint Mary's.

Mourinho has his tendrils wrapped around Manchester United like a parasitic plant slowly chocking the life out of the club. Week after week we are slowly watching the club die, the terraces empty and the emotion evaporate from what was the greatest club in the Premier League. It is but a shell.

Jose, again, has let his emotions dictate the starting lineup today against Southampton. The squad was met with a lot of contempt and disapproval all over social media because nobody could understand why.

I have said it here before, Bailly might as well stick his ass at home on the sofa and make love to his beautiful wife rather than waste his time coming in for training at Carrington. I don't buy that he is injured at all. Jose has simply told him that he will never get to play for Manchester United ever again, under him at least. We paid the price for that.

Matic again coming in at center half, the slowest man on the pitch to defend against the fast paced Redmond and Lemina. This man needs a goddamn rest for the rest of the season. I actually took the liberty of finding out other ways Matic can finally get dropped. He only has two yellow cards, so he is three away from a match suspension. The other options are through injury or a red card. Now, I am not one to wish injury on a player but he needs at least a hamstring for his own good. Because, let us face it, Jose would play him in goal if all his goal keepers were injured.

Final Thoughts...

I believe I am not the only one when I say that I am getting numb to all this things, and that is never a good sign. I am tired of watching Mourinho purposefully destroy this club with his ego and negative energy.

I dare even speculate that bashing the water bottles after the Fellaini winner was him getting pissed that he did not bottle the champion league.

I am tired. Get this buffoon out of the beautiful Manchester United and let us keep going until the summer with Carrick and Mckenna.

Till next time, Foda-se, José. That is Portugese for Fuck off, José.

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