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An incredible series of events after the draw against Southampton has occurred leading up to leaks from the United dressing room where it is reported Jose bashed Pogba in front of his team mates calling him a virus.

“He told him ‘you are like a person with a flu with a virus in a closed room - you pass that virus to the others.'

“He also told him ‘you don’t play, you don't respect players and supporters and you kill the mentality of good, honest people around you.'” ~ The Sun.

Absolutely ludicrous if this reports are to believed. I am largely inclined to believe this statement. Jose has a couple of people in the club he uses to leak certain news rather than do it himself. This otherwise damaging quote could as well have been leaked by a player knowing very well that the fans would revolt against the manager purposefully to speed up his Manchester United exit.

What is certainly puzzling is that Jose's 'favorites' never seem to do any wrong despite contributing negatively to the teams poor form over the course of the season. People like Fellaini, Matic, Young, Smalling and Lukaku have been in their worst conceivable form in months. Matic especially has had poor performances every single week but he is always excepted from criticism and it begs the question, why does Jose bash Pogba every time he has a single bad game and fails to do so with his favorites?

I don't blame Pogba at all. He simply cannot bring himself to play for a manager who is always on his back in every press conference to the point he had to be gagged from speaking to the media or else he would get fined. If Pogba is the virus then Jose is the Black Plague.

It will take a miracle to get top 4...

Speaking to Brazil’s RedeTV in Portuguese, Jose played down United's goals for the season saying that it would take a miracle to get top 4.

“Until last year I said that finishing second was a fantastic thing because of the qualities we had in comparison to the quality of the other teams that are fighting for the top four.

"Already last year I said it. And this year with more problems that we have had, it proves what I said at the beginning of the season, that it would be a very difficult season.”

The goal, “Try to win as many points as possible and try almost the miracle of finishing fourth.”

It is only a couple of weeks if not days since Jose boldly claimed that we would be in the top 4 by Christmas. That statement has basically mutated into top 4 being a miracle to attain.

Absolutely incredible how two game can change the objectives of a club, and winnable games at that. Both starting 11's in those two games were just stupid for the lack of a better word. The unfortunate thing about the lineups was that everybody expected it.

How everybody else can see the problem and Jose can't beats all logic. This is the same manager a couple of years ago had Chelsea in the relegation zone because he had ostracized his best players like Hazard. Hazard is loved by his team mates just like Pogba and just like a virus his treatment filtered down to his team mates and they quit playing for him at Chelsea. Same thing happened to Antonio Conte due to his treatment of Hazard and Willian.

Next, we play Arsenal who are pumped after an incredible 4-2 win against their rivals Tottenham. As much as I despise Arsenal a defeat against them would probably be the thing to tip Jose off the cliff edge.

It makes me sick to my stomach to even imagine a loss against Arsenal but I am willing to bare it just to get this dinosaur and his stone age football out of this club.

Are you Jose In or Jose Out. Let me know in the comments.

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