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The long awaited return of the prodigal son has finally come to an end as Bailly is brought back from the wintery cold into the starting lineup fold. It took the merciful hand of fate to masterfully craft a situation where almost all the defenders were injured leaving only the out of favor Bailly to come in fresh as a daisy. Because we all know Jose could not take the chance of dipping into the academy for a defense replacement.

However, I am under no illusions whatsoever that this changes anything at the back. Suddenly, with the defense options sliced so thin, and Jones quickly returning to the physicians table we are yet again left with a center back partnership that has barely played together if at all.

To complement the attack, Jose has gone with the lethargic and non-creative Darmian whose shit of a cross can only be matched by his pitiful mane. The man already has one foot out of the door but he might as well do a job for United before he is gone completely. On the right, the young, inexperienced Diogo Dalot starts his first Premier League game against tough opposition, probably the only saving grace going forward.

Matic again is back to provide defensive shelter for the back three in a game that will surely be characterized by a team sitting back to weather the storm that is the Arsenal attack.

Pogba and Lukaku start the game on the bench as they contemplate the roles they played in the Southampton draw. Pogba perharps wrapped up in a bio-hazard suit to contain the virus that he has been passing around in the dressing room.

In their stead is Martial, Lingard and Rashford. Quite a dynamic front three however backed by a single creative player in midfield, Ander Herrera.


Now, this looks like a team that could have easily steam rolled Southampton but against Arsenal, that is simply a different cat.

For me a loss or a win both have their benefits, however, losing against Arsenal has a special level of hurt and piss boiling effect on united fans including myself.

Prediction: 2-1.

Come on, United. Let us batter this lot.

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