Conor McGregor: Floyd is an old, weak, bitch and you're f**king crazy if you think he wins

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In a little under six weeks time, McGregor and Mayweather, the two biggest names in the combat sports world, will face one another in a multi-million-pound boxing match.

The second press conference of the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor was an all-out attack on Mayweather. And it got very personal.

McGregor said:

“Life is so (expletive) good. How do I look? What the (expletive) is he wearing? He looks like a little breakdancer or something, a little 12-year-old breakdancer, (expletive)! What the (expletive)? He’s 40! You’re 40 years of age. Dress your (expletive) age. Carrying a schoolbag on stage. What you doing with a schoolbag on stage? You can’t even read!

“Forty years old carrying a schoolbag. The man doesn’t even (expletive) read.”

I am hyped up for the fight so who are you voting for ?????????

Conor or Mr Money Floyd


I would love to see Connor beat Mayweather. However, boxing is a very technical sport and Mayweather is the Master in the boxing world. Connor has his work cut out for him, because he is definitely not anywhere close to Floyd when it comes to the technical aspects of boxing.

If Mayweather were dumb enough to step into the MMA ring with McGregor, he would be crushed in a matter of seconds. But, this is not MMA - it's boxing.

Well they are doing their jobs, with all the hype their trash talk and appearances are creating. I would like mayweather to win, and I think he will win by default, as Mcgregor is gonna get frustrated by mayweather, lose his temper and kick him, thus getting disqualified lol

I would love to see Connor beat Mayweather he i sneaky fighter and don't fight like a man he just run that's is not boxing that i s football