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This pic is about 3 years ago
We were shooting a "fun trap rap fitness music clip" for a german artist called 'yan'

you can find the clip on youtube, just type in the searchbar: 'yan massephase' or use this link if it works


It is a reupload and not the best quality anymore cause the original video was taken down a year ago 😕 but nevertheless...
some use this track for fitness motivation .

If you want you can let me know in the comments what you think about the vid or if it motivated you😉 lyrics are in german but we had also nice and sexy chicks and dudes in the video 😜😎 )

It was a really hard day because we had two locations but only one day to shoot everything...after about 23 hours we were finished and started the postproduction the next day 😉

Funny fact: there were a lot bodybuilders and muscleguys on set and everybidy asked me hiw much the weight of the cam and the gimbal was...it was about 15 kilograms and i was holding the cam sometimes for 3-5 minutes in the same position and walked also backwards...all thise muscle guys only were like 'whoa what da f?!?😲😲😲😲'

Yup...being the cameraguy could also be a great workout 😎 What are you doing for your fitness?🤔 🤔 🤔 🤓

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