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I remember hearing about the guy that put 80k on him to win and thought a) must be nice to be able to and b) no way he'll win it. Roughly 1.2 mil later, he's set if he wasn't already.

I am just Grateful I could Watch the tournament on my Computer since I don't Watch TV. I Still think Tiger Will WIN the Most Majors to pass Up Jack. I also Think Jack would want it that way. Also POTUS Loved It, MAGA Baby !!!

This is definitely huge, I definitely had and have no doubt in the tigers, I definitely couldn't watch it really, wow I'm really checking the punters and people who placed bets

It's been a long time coming. Great story!

It is a compelling story. Tiger looked pretty good. Some think he will now pass Jack for the most Majors. That remains to be seen. There are guys on the tour who are not intimidated by him. He played good enough to win yesterday. But can he play GREAT if he needs to? Can he beat back one of the better players who is also playing great at that time? That will be the determining factor.

I also watch this tournament in my laptop. I think tiger will win. I m big fan of sports. Personally i don't like bets. But in pakistan many peoples like bets. Specially in cricket season many peoples try to his luck. Some peoples win or some loss.

A once in a lifetime tournament to watch!

Good story. Thank you for this valuable post.

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I think a security guard can beat Tiger @broncnutz!/v/cryptopie/0ctndtrb

I think this is very good when we are all not bothered by it