If you were me what would you do? Raiders or Chiefs.....

in sports •  3 months ago

Trying to decide which early season game to go to in Mile High Stadium. Next week we play the Oakland Raiders and October 1st we got the sorry Kansas City Chiefs. I gotta choose between one of these two games and I’m torn on which one to attend. Help me out with your thoughts.

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Tough choice! My answer would be go to both but that wouldn’t be fair. I think that the chiefs offence could be exciting to watch with Hunt and Hill and possibly Mahomes plays well. See how Miller and Chubb squash him like a bug. Either way, you can’t make a bad choice here. Go Broncos!!!!


In the end it’s gonna come down to what tickets I can get for what price. I think I would rather go to the MNF game but I love the hate passion the Broncos fans have inside our stadium. Remember when Broncos fans got accused of putting batteries inside snowballs and chucked em at the Raiders when they came out the tunnel? Lol....we hate those fools.

Take a Knee.........LOL


😂😂😂 well it would have to be a knee on top of Patti Mahomes throat!


YES, that's the Spirit !

Personally I'd choose the Chiefs game based on the fact you will likely see a better game. I'm not sure how great KC will be this year, but I'm fairly well convinced Chucky is gonna have a bumpy first season in Oakland.

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We gonna win BOTH games....don't get it twisted cuz! I hear ya though, its hard to pass up the chiefs game. I guess its gonna depend on what I can find for tickets I like.


I heard that, I guess it boils down to if Raider fans still travel as good as they used to as far as availability on tickets, I would think less Chief fans would make the trip. I see Lynch worked out for the Lions yesterday and the Bills a few days before that, no deal though.


There is always Chiefs fans here, it’s only 10 hr drive from here. The Lions don’t need Lynch but to have two young guys on the bench in Buffalo might not be a bad idea. Maybe he just needs a fresh start. Kid has some amazing talent at times but he ain’t ready for a game. Not even close.

The way you talk trash about KC you have to go to that one.

I'd say Chief's. I have family in CO and they're huge bronco fans... They would say Chief's every time. Either way, hope ya have a good time!

Both the games are interesting sir

the most hard decision to take on but broncos for life ;)

Well since I live in KC I gotta say go KC. :)
With that said I am not sure what game you should go to. We can both share our hate for the Raiders or we can talk shit to each other if you go to the KC game. Either one will be fun.


I think I’m gonna end up going to both....I can’t pick either one.

Both games are important but I know that you are going to make the right decision and they will win because the @broncos are a great team

wuao is a very difficult decision because both games @broncnutz are important

Go to the raiders game. You have a way better chance of winning that one.

I am definitely going to go with the Raiders on this one. Why? Because I want to see them lose! lol I have no personal feelings about the chiefs, but growing up in the Bay Area, I was never a Raiders fan. Go Niners! lol :) I am sure you will have fun either way.

MNF all the way! No sunburn. Take a poster board with your Steemit account written on it in large print. Write something like "It's a whale of a game!" on it and the whales will blow up your wallet if you get on national TV.


Lol....that’s a good idea. I might do it because my seats are close to the field.

Choose your favorible timings and favorite players i still think it is worth to watch all matches.

City Chiefs,i think this will be better match.

If i was in your place i will watch both the matches.

Look the majority sir i like Oakland Raiders as a team.

Go with cheifs sir as its going to be a tough and excited game.

Go with Oakland Raiders if i am not wrong.

Cheifs as they are a good team so we will have a great match.

Matchup predictor [According to fans]

Raiders vs Chiefs

Chiefs vs Broncos (week4)

Best of luc broncos...
Love llots @pranto

Watching both the games is not a bad idea sir.

First go the first game . After first game then decide about 2nd game .

Watch the both games if you can go .

Listen your heart , what he is thinking .


My heart says blow the chiefs bus up and then bomb the raiders practice facility.


Your heart's in the right place, then 😁

Nice, thanks broncnuts for your video make me feel better

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both are very interesting but i prefer raider... i like it but its according to your choice:) go on yeah....

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thanks for making this video.. video is nice

According to both are great matches.

Hopefully next week's game will be a lot

Try to go for both matches and chill your favorite team.

Wow its great if you can watch two matches sir.

Chiefs are brilliant team! So riders need to play aggressively!


U copying stuff from the internet again?...Michael Crabtree don’t even play for the Raiders anymore cuz. Talib does not even play for Denver anymore either. You think u gonna keep getting these fake bullshit comments by me? I’m too smart for you. Come on...


So sorry again my little brother doing it!
SORRY! [Edited]

We are blessed to win

Awesome game i like it 😍😍⚘ and thank for sharing with us

That is a amazing video my friend . Really this is helpful . Thanks for sharing @broncnutz

You should Watch both match

my choice is Oakland Raiders perfect game 😍

it's amazing how every time the Broncos & chiefs play at arrowhead it's a classic game that always seems to turn in favor of denver some how.. the nfl recognizes it that's why the game is always in prime time...

Their last 5 W/L results:IMG_20180908_134703_261.jpgIMG_20180908_140511_395.jpg Go #Broncos Go