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I hear ya brother!! I struggled with hat loss last night. The 4th quarter my heart was ripped out. Damn, that chiefs offense just kept on coming. I’m not to upset with Keenum but the game was over if he hits DT there. It was a hard fought game and theee is still a lot of football to play. Time to dust ourselves off and get ready for next week! Go Broncos!!!

Tough Loss Mr Nutz. I'm suddenly going through one too. I guess I should be more careful before I splash my personal shit all over steemit. Donut Grease and I have gone splitzville after a week's vacation to Turkey loaded with emotional problems we found some key differences of opinions on things and clashing personalities, after the initial thrill of hot donut greesy ummm XXX kind of calmed down reality struck. Reality sucks sometimes.

Anyway, just like to keep up with you brother as you are a fellow American who gets me, not many do get me or understand how I live and why I live this way. But I'm now dating more hot Ukrainian girls and things are looking up and up. Hanging out on the beaches of the Black Sea until Steemfest in neighboring Poland.... from Odessa Ukraine! -Dan "World Travel Pro"


Hit the bricks Donut Grease!! Easy come easy go up in the Ukraine Cuz.....


Some of the best advice yet! Thanks Mr Nutz!

Nice sportmanship. I've only seen you talk trash against the chiefs so respect the honest and respectful analysis.

I agree with your decision sir.

your discuss is awesome.Your video story is awesome

That had to be a tough loss for your team. I don’t know what else they could have done. I mean, they had Mahomes throwing left-handed...and he still looked good.

The Chiefs have a lot of weapons. They’re going to be tough to stop. I’m looking forward to this week’s game against the Jaguars. If Mahomes continues to not make mistakes and the Chiefs can impress again and get to 5-0, I’d have to think that they’re going to quickly become the early AFC favorite for making the playoffs and getting to the Super Bowl this year.

Tough couple of weeks for the broncos, better to lose a tight game then get blown out I guess. Confident for the next game!

If you hate it ? why you make it?

Let me know if you need to talk... 😏

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broncos always rocks and will be rocking in the future too no worries hehehe 😍

You looks nice in happy mood . Win or loose are part of game . Don't be upset dear .

Just enjoy man, never be angry . It's game .
Be happy

This is smart move from you sir.

You are the best supporter of the sports the up's and down come but we stand still forever

If you hate to make such type videos then you make videos on other sports topic ..You are a good sports reporter .