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I see you guys picked up Hogan...he's not a bad project player/young backup to grab on the wire. He probably would have made the Redskins team had Colt McCoy not been there. He looked better as the preseason went on this year. Wonder who will sign Lynch...


I doubt Lynch gets signed but I hope he does because he has 3.5m dead money on out salary cap. Hogan is a much better Qb.

Feel bad for him, such hype after draft.

His career may be over. He's at the point where he's shown he can't get it. He has an arm but outside of that he does not have the skills to be an NFL quarterback.


I agree. You can t play at NFL with that many bad decisions.

I am glad to see these videos again sir,great information.

Feel bad for the guy. Seems like Paxton let the speed of play and the situation overwhelm him. He did not have the best offensive minds around him as coaches regardless. Kelly on the other hand had a great attitude about pressure and trusted his skills. Let's hope we can get some good coaching with the right system in place for Swag or he will leave. Elway has lived a charmed life in his current position and has a lot of work to do.

However, now you're ready to fight!
Best of luck!
Love you!

Please!!!! Cut him already!!!! Take the hit and give those reps to the real mvp’s it’s a project the broncos can’t afford to waste any more time with. Give those extra reps to kelly and Keenum before the regular season comes so that they develop more as players and build even more chemistry this kid Paxton is wasting there time and has costed us both games already. Kelly is everything we need right now and Paxton is just a waste of reps and a game changer for the worse.

You have done it!
Thanks you!

The video you have given is not seen in my reality. But now this game has become very popular. This game has not started yet in our country.

Hogan's brother Liam is also a professional footballed, and the pair played together at F.C. Halifax Town. Your video has fascinated me. Gave a great video. Thank you very much for sharing the video with us all. Wait for the next post

This game is very popular in the world . Football is favorite to all . Thanks for sharing @broncnutz

I love sports my sir @broncnutz . football is very interesting.


Paxton Lynch is not ready to lead a nfl team to winning back to the playoffs the denver broncos is why they went after a free agent quarterback went to get Case Keenum in free agency from minnesota vikings But Denver Broncos still have defense to stop and maybe win games this season in the AFC West

Feel bad for him guy loves the game but so far Paxton is a bust but the guy always looks so uncomfortable out there. Im not blaming the coaching staff but if def has something to with it. Anyway, start your nw journey again #coz you're a game cchanger...All the best...

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About time...

Was never going to work, why they persisted so long I just don't know.

Hello @broncnutz friend game is my favourite. I like it your football play vedio. thanks for sharing your beautiful life.

I will watch your video on youtube.footbal is most popular game in the world.i m a big fan of fotball game.your video is so impressive and interesting.thanks for sharing broncnutz.

This video not open in steemit .

Wonderful video sir.

Video has been Blocked by the NFL sir @broncnutz.

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wow suxh a talented person he is great bronc rockss

don't know why @broncnutz but the video has been blocked by NFL i am seeing that :(

It is sad to miss this opportunity, although all the way to this in time if he proposes it

his career is not over he still has that and can improve

Cool ..
Video error, why?
I can't watch

I still remember all the excitement when Lynch was drafted. The next great Denver QB? Pfft. That is a 1st round draft pick I would like to forget. Sounds like he has a tryout with the Bills today. Perfect spot for him. A QB dead zone.

well done its really nice thanks for sharing video