Broncos wreck the Seahawks! #real12

in sports •  4 months ago

The Denver Broncos beat the Seattle Seahawks in th season opener in 2018 and get a little payback as the cherry on top.

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Shout-out to everyone who started 1-0 this week...didn't get a chance to watch your game yet but plan on hitting GamePass tomorrow to check it out. We smacked the Cardinals around for a few quarters always, lol.

Nice glad your Broncos won! And glad the Seahawks lost because they are in the same division as my Niners, who also lost. But I saw some good things for the Niners. Without that pick 6 it would have been a different game. Jimmy G needs to stop throwing Interceptions. Great to see you over at Scorum too!

Ur video always starts with something really interesting. U really mean Buisness

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GG Seahawks from a broncos fan. Y'all are very resilient. Y'all just gotta protect Wilson and he'll give a you a chance to win. As for us, we have a lot more potential than last year, just keenum's gotta be smarter with the ball and we gotta learn to gaurd tight ends. Our secondary give up a lot of big plays, but we can make up for that on offense now that we have keenum with Sanders, Thomas, and Sutton. We finally have a capable tight end or two and a decent rb tandem, as Freeman and Lindsay are showing potential. Our o-line is pretty good at run blocking, and while our pass blocking isn't that good, keenum has more options to throw to, eliminating the need to take too much time in the pocket. If you're a Seahawks fan, be proud of your team today because you may not know it now, but you'll see that the broncos are actually a much improved team this season capable of making a playoff run. BRONCOS FOR LIFE!!!


1-0 feels good.

Damn that Broncos D was crazy, even Russell Wilson couldn't escape...

Your video start is too good,I really like this,Congratulation your team win,thats very good news,Very wonderful review sir,Very interesting match,Very close match,your team is so hardworking,I always like your review video,Thanks for sharing,

What a close game that was broncos keep their nerves till the end great win:)

very interesting video... great as always...

xongratzz to him wow denver broncos woww what a victory seatke seahawk 😍😍 party time ahan

Why you are putting your video on youtube only you should try @dtube or @dlive also and congrats foe winning

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I have many football followers on YouTube.....that’s where I started and build a fan base.


Ok great !!

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The Broncos are going to be a lot better than what people think. It doesn't take long for them to bounce back from bad seasons. The offensive is slowly starting to come back and the defense is doing their thing like they did 2 years ago. They are going to be good. LOL, it took 3-4 people from Seattle to get Royce Freeman down. He is gonna be a BEAST! People are vastly underestimating the Broncos.

As predicted! Broncos @ home are a different animal.

Hooray! New video, I've been looking forward to it.

Won by 27-24 well played broncos

Your video really interesting my friend . You are a real business man . Thanks for sharing @broncnutz

Broncos are gonna be good this year. 3rd ranked defense in the league last year and added a better QB. Seahawks definitely shouldn't be too disappointed about this. Everyone thought this would be a blowout because of the guys they let go, but there's still a lot of talent on this team. Few calls that go their way and they could have came out of there with the W. Good game Broncos.


Lol...what? This comment makes no sense. First of we won....second Wilson players for Seattle.


Obviously a Big NFL Fan @broncnutz..................LMAO


I'm not sure who have done it...[So edited]...

Great prediction from you sir.

That the kind of game broncos are playing right now,thanks for the updates sir.

@broncnutz Ohhh this is really good

Great start by Denver broncos . Keep it up

I wasn't expecting that. I really like Seattle I was there only once before. Cool place.

This is great start by Denver broncos in the very first match of this season .

The Broncos had a bit of a shaky start but they looked solid on week one. Miller was an absolute animal and proved why he is the BEST defender in the NFL. I was so happy with how well the offence worked behind Keenum and am so excited about the season. 1-0 baby!!!!!! Whooooo!!!!

Great boss, your view, presentation is wonderful. Waiting for your next video .