2 Mascots? #winning

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Did you know that the Denver Broncos are the only team in the NFL to have two mascots on the field during games? We not only have the traditional type mascot who wears a costume, but also a live performing white horse. Someone commented on one of my videos last week that our mascot names came up in a trivia game question. "Thunder" is a white Arabian horse and it the original mascot of the Broncos dating back to the olden days. "Miles" is a newer mascot but has still been around for 20 years or so. He is half horse and half football player. Thunder and Miles are beloved by all Broncos Fans on game day.

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Denver Broncos Mascot Thunder, a photography event they ran in the field before playing an NFL Precision game Chicago Bears vs Denver Broncos in Broncos Stadium. IMG_0496.0.jpg

It was a thrill!

There is nothing more exciting than seeing that beautiful steed do a victory lap after a Broncos TOUCHDOWN!!!!!! 10 more days and it's on like Donkey Kong!! Go BRONCOS!!!!

Interesting trivia tip. I'm shocked other teams don't have an animal such as a falcon also on the sidelines with their mascot.

What a Lovely and pretty hours and lady riding the horse!

Thunder miles we are running...
Lovely tradition...

Two mascots performed live and cheer girls are well supported!

Great to hear this @broncnutz that they win.thanks for update. Keep growing

Such a great picture.very brave lady to ridding the hourse.great culture.looks the picture again everyone so happy.such a lovely movements..hourse looks so great.i m big fan of you broncnutz..such a excellent celebrations.very good sports.thanks for sharing.

I didn't know that but still its always good to know more.

This Denver Broncos white horse is really awesome symbol of the franchise. It shows power, energy, speed but also the elegance and style at the same time.

Now I knew it. Cheers Broncos

mascots = cool. male cheerleaders = pass.

Broncos on the top of the game in every front ;)

wow i didnt knew its the only team to have 2 Thanks for increasing my knowledge broncnutz

that a great news... two mascots..thx for knowledge..

Am not a fan of this game but am happy i just got educated by you

Great culture from the team.

This is really great news friend thanks for sharing.

wow that is great half horse and half footballer.your words are amazing.

NO i Don't know, you just told me :P

A little interesting story from you, hopefully I can see and read the story from you until it takes several hours. I like to read and I like to see a mighty white horse. resteem so everyone sees it.

THUNDER a very strong and powerful horse he is original mascot of the Broncos because he was so lucky for them👍

Interesting...never knew you guys had two. We don't have one at all.

Thunder is a beautiful white horse are beautiful as the girl who wears it mounted, I love this picture is fantastic

hello friend @broncnutz what a great show that should give that beautiful horse, Thunder is very beautiful the team is very lucky to have it as a pet looks so adorable

The Arabian horse is the best Mascot for Broncos @broncnutz because of its inherent beauty when thundering down the football field to entertain the crowds :D

Wow nice post

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The rider in the horse seems professional horse rider.

Great horse riding scenes.

White arabian horse , such an amazing horse .

Now I know, after you tell him. Thank you..

Regards @broncnutz

Nice post @brobcnutz thank you to share with us this beautiful post of horse and lady🐴👩

after winning match enjoy

Are you in the US as well? I don't watch football haha.

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Your post is great.your are big blogger

Horse riding . Amazing view in staduim .

This white horse is very powerful . Arbians horses are very famous .

Broncos is tha best

thats some great sound.two mascots.