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Hi Friends,

I am excited because the NFL football season begins tomorrow!

I always enjoy Football and the fall weather it brings – happy memories for sure. Tomorrow night’s opening game is being hosted by the Chicago Bears who are playing the Green Bay Packers.

Chicago is favored to win the game, and the line is currently at -3. For me, it is always tough to bet against Aaron Rodgers, and Mitchell Trubisky is a little inexperienced Bear’s QB. Green Bay’s supporting cast to Rodgers hasn’t been great the last couple of years, and the Bears have been getting better. The Bears closed out last season strong, and Green Bay had a bad year last year.

My bet: I like the Bears to win by more than a field goal in this game. I like the Bear’s defense better and they should be amped up in front of their home crowd.


The game starts at 5:20 PDT tomorrow night and is being shown on NBC.

Enjoy the game and cheers to a new season of NFL football!


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I am excited for the season too. I am a Broncos fan but will be hoping the Bears can pull a victory.

Football is such an enjoyable game. Best of luck for your team.

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I'm not really a fan of football but the buffalo bills i kind of like

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