Fantasy Football Turmoil

in sports •  3 months ago

Well I had 2 drafts this last week, and did not do too much research, but I felt I had a okay team. Then Saturday came, and my number 2 pick decided to tear his acl in practice. That has left me severely under manned at the running back position. I will have to scour the waiver wires to pick someone up now. sadjerickap.jpg

Pretty funny how luck can go in fantasy. At least I am not stuck paying him 30 million like San Fran.

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Ouch!!! The dreaded ACL tear for fantasy football owners. I had 3 drafts this week as well and it has been a week of praying that players don't get hurt. You're gonna have to hit the waiver wire hard.


Ya, but until the first week happens I don't know who to get. I also try to have a life, unlike 5 guys in my league.

It is exciting times again. I will play Fantasy football on Nolimitcoin, they have weekly Fantasy football and free rolls too


Nice, is it a pretty good site? I have never played the weekly ones.


yes, i have played since last year's NFL season. The site is , there is a wallet in your account, which contains nolimitcoins that you can use for fantasy sports available on the site, and you can transfer the coins to a Proof of stake wallet earning 4% per annum, or transfer the coins to an exchange to sell it. There is also weekly freerolls that can win you nolimitcoins

I wrote an article about the Jerick McKinnon injury if you want to check it out. It looks like Alfred Morris is poised to have a big season for the 49ers in McKinnon's stead.


I hope alfred will pick up the slack. I claimed him off of the wavier wire. I just need him to get all the carries he can.

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I am drafting tomorrow. My league drafts so late for that exact reason. It takes some research to build a team but bad luck can always kill you and it sucks when it happens before the season starts.

Dam! @bigram13 this is classic in key players before starting the season! I hope you can still figure out a good replacement. I just did the draft of the main league I play, check it out on my last post and tell me what you think of it!