The Top Ten Most disliked players in the NBA - Players Edition

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Top 10 lists are fun and entertaining. We have compiled a Top 10 list of the most disliked players in the NBA. The first list is composed of who the players themselves do not like.

Tied for the tenth spot

Ten. Russell Westbrook
Carmelo Anthony
Dwight Howard
J.R. Smith
Patrick Beverly
Joel Embiid
Dwayne Wade
Rajon Rondo

  • Wade was a bit of a surprise. Players are saying don't let the goodwill tour fool you. Players are glad he is leaving. They say he is arrogant and a b-word.

Nine. James Harden –Somehow I thought that Harden would be higher on this list.
Eight. Jimmy Butler - He is outspoken and he rubs a lot of players the wrong way.
Seven. Marcus Smart – He is a loudmouth.

Six. Lebron James – He believes that he is above the league. Throughout his career, 57% of total teammates have been traded away. He will have you dealt away like throwing a bad hand of Spades. Players have families that get disrupted when they are traded. Active players are not allowed to be an Agent. Lebron is the defacto owner of Klutch Sports.

Five. Zaza Puchuilla – Rumor is that the league told the Warriors to cut his minutes because he is a dirty player. The Warriors were told to play McGee more. With the Warriors as the marquee attraction, you don’t want to see players getting hurt on prime time television. It is a bad look for the league. Remember, the NBA is not fixed. However, it is a controlled environment.

Four. Kevin Durant – Players don’t like his attitude and he is mouthy. Players feel like he acts like a woman in how he handles things.

Three. Boogie Cousins - He tries to bully players.

Two. Chris Paul – engendered disdain at a universal level. His nickname among players is “Shorty Dirty”

One. Draymond Green – He is the most disliked player. He has engendered disdain at a universal level. If there was a contest between Draymond and Thanos, Thanos would win.


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