[Premier League]: Review of the 11st-12th rounds.

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So, while in the national championships there was a break for the matches of the national teams, let's summarize the last two rounds of the Premier League.

The current season in the Premier League promises an incredible fight for the champion title. Manchester City and does not think to slow down. In the 11th round, the "citizens" destroyed the unyielding Southampton. The "Saints" can not make the game in attack and could not score a single goal for five rounds. In the match with the leader, they missed four goals in the first half, but finally managed to score, albeit from a penalty. In general, the City crushed Southampton with a score of 6-1 and went preparing for the matches Champions League and the Manchester derby. I wrote my prediction for this match and it passed, however I assumed that United would have a more powerful resistance to Man City. But it seems that at the moment the team of Jose Mourinho absolutely does not understand what she needs to do. City quite easily beat United with the score 3-1.

The pursuing "citizens" Liverpool seems to have learned to win matches with the middle peasants and outsiders of the tournament table, but it seems that he has forgotten how to win over equal rivals. This season, the Reds were able to outplay only one team from the Top-6, this is Tottenham. So in the 11th round, Liverpool lost the victory over Arsenal in the 82nd minute. However, it is worth noting that in the game, perhaps Arsenal was closer to victory than Liverpool, and to some extent the guys Jurgen Klopp were lucky. But they were unlucky in Serbia where Crvena Zvezda put the Reds on their knees with two precise blows. Liverpool has complicated the task of leaving the group, but most of all it caused the “toothlessness” of the attack in that match. Of the more than 20 shots of the red, only 3 shots hit the shots on target, but they brought absolutely no result. After that failure in the Premier League, they were opposed by Fulham. In the match with the “cottagers”, Liverpool was able to somehow rehabilitate itself in front of their fans. Salah and Shaqiri distinguished themselves in that match. Thus, Liverpool is currently two points behind the leading City.

Chelsea presented a good opportunity to get around Liverpool, but the blue ones stumbled in the last round in a match with Everton and remained in third place. However, all these three clubs so far have not suffered a single defeat in the league. In the 11th round, the “pensioners” were confronted by Crystal Palace, who lost in blue with a score of 1-3, the double in that match was distinguished by Alvaro Morata. After an outstanding winning streak, Arsenal started losing points and the third game “Gunners” was reduced to a draw. And the last two matches Londoners and had very little at all. In the Europa League in a match against Sporting Lisbon was supposed to be a powerful game in the attack from the Arsenal. Looking at how effectively the second half of this season Arsenal spends, I made a bet on their victory. However, the match turned out to be incredibly dull and without scored goals. Another London club that claims to win Tottenham this season seems to be left without the Champions League this season, which will allow him to focus on the Premier League matches. In the 11th round, the team Mauricio Pochettino beat 2-3 Wolverhampton. It is worth noting that the “spurs” were leading in the score in that match with a score of 3-0, but missed two goals from the penalty spot in the second half of the second half.

I was pleasantly surprised in the last two rounds of Newcastle United, who won his first win of the season in the 11th round. In the home match with a score of 1-0, Watford was beaten, which this season shows a good game. In the last round, the Magpies overcame another strong team - Bournemouth, with a score of 2-1.

Also in the Premier League held the first coaching resignation. Down at the bottom of the standings, Fulham terminated the contract with Slaviša Jokanović and invited Claudio Ranieri to the post of head coach. Former coach of Leicester City immediately called on the fans of the club not to expect miracles from him. But fans are unlikely to wait for the championship from him, it will be a miracle for the club even if he gets into the top ten and stays in the league for at least a couple of years.

Premier League Table.

1Manchester City12102036-532
8Manchester United1262420-2120
10Leicester City1252517-1617
13West Ham United1233614-1812
14Newcastle United122379-159
16Crystal Palace122288-178
18Cardiff City1222811-258
19Huddersfield Town121476-227

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