The first response from Levandowski about Real Madrid's interest

in #sport3 years ago

German striker Bayern Munich striker Robert Levandowski has broken his silence over rumors of a move to Real Madrid next summer.

Livandowski, 29, was linked to the move to the Royal team, especially after he changed his agent.

"I do not want to go to Real Madrid. I still have a contract with Bayern Munich," Leva told Polish Polskie Radio.

"How do I think about Real Madrid and I am tied to a contract with Bayern?"

Asked about Paris St Germain and Chelsea's interest, former Borussia Dortmund striker insisted he would not leave the Bavarian side.

Bayern Munich will face Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final at home to Allianz Arena on Wednesday, while the return leg will take place in early May in Santiago Bernabeu.


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