Young footballers

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Like any sport, playing football can bring many health benefits like improvement in speed, eye-limb coordination, strength, agility and stamina.


Of course, as in any sport, football can also be cause injuries like scraps and bruises. Nothing serious unless children get rough and fail to observe rules or listen to the coach. I am talking about football aka soccer and not American football.


There are now football skills programs crafted specially for children to learn and play football. They start with basics of football like ball control, dribbling, passing and then shooting.


Parents can also volunteer to train and guide the children with the basics. It would be advantageous if they also play or have played football or have a knowledge of the sport.


It is indeed fun to see the children chasing the ball with parents cheering them on. A very pleasant outing for everyone in the family. One of these children may be a budding Ronaldo in the making!


At the end of the program, there will be a 'graduation' ceremony where the young footballers are each awarded a medal and honoured with a walk of fame beneath an 'hand' arch formed by their adoring parents. Sorry, I am not sure how best to describe this and I hope the snapshot below will give you an idea of this arch thing.


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That is so much fun !! It is rewarding for the kids and the Honored of the couch and specially the cheering parents. Thank you for sharing . I enjoyed reading it so much.


Thank you, I'm glad you liked the post.