Wolves Hoping To Return Home To Play Against Brastislava

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Nuno is going to Molineux tomorrow night since after the five matches for the Europe Premier League clash with Slovan Bratislava..

Its been a long and tough game for wolves team, because they have spent two and half week playing away from home.

Nuno was pleased with the performance of his players with Arsenal last weekend he said a lot of positives, a lot of things are not so good- always the same analysis - but we did a good performance.

I am also a big fan of wolves team, I also thought they will loss the match to Arsenal, but It was surprising to me they both played draw and the wolves players still have many goal in front which they loss that could have granted them the winner of the match. Am still glad they came draw an still have more point in the game.

Tomorrow wolves will play against Besiktas in Molineux again. Brastislava is strong team well organized as Wolves team, but Wolves is alway ready to face any team that come there way.

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