Should E-sport really be considered as sport?

in sport •  2 years ago


  1. Very competitive, with a clear target to achieve. Just like common sports, all e-sport players compete to win.
  2. Clear rules. Just like common sports, there are clear rule for e-sport players, for example, no peeking at the audience's screen.
  3. Requires similar physical attributes. For example, both e-sport and common sport (basketball) require reflex, eyes-hands comprehension
  4. A lot of training involved. Professional e-sport players often spend 10-12 hours a day in practice. Very similar common sport athletes effort-wise
  5. Only a small part of your body is used, which is very unlike sport
  6. Too much digital devices involved, which mean it is very unnatural. Ancient Greek would see sports as a form of displaying natural beauty
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If you are an e-sport viewing fan, do you get an autograph via e-mail? LOL


You know e-sport fans can actually go to the stadium and shake hands with the players right lol?


Yes, I know. Just joking. Interesting post