US Team Haas - Azerbaijan - Still Kicking Ass in Formula One

in sport •  6 months ago

Well Haas got their Ass kicked in this Azerbaijan F1 Demolition Derby

For Hass, Magnussen got Torpedoed by Ericsson and Grosjean just threw it away.


For the rest, yet another Fantastic F1 Spectacle. Smash ups, Fuck Ups, Da Works.

But as a F1 viewer, I loved it all.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix F1 Demolition Derby

Azerbaijan Grand Prix F1 Demolition Derby : Race Recap:

This week the F1 World Circus stops at Barcelona.

And we are all looking forward to another great race and hopefully some points for the Haas Team.

Fri 11 May – Sun 13 May 2018

F1 Barcelona:
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
Real Automobil Club de Catalunya
AP de Correus 27
08160 Montmelo
Barcelona, Spain

Image Courtsey of BT

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