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Both Haas cars back in the points again. Has to be the Team Haas story of the day.
Mercedes doing their usual 1-2 with this time Hammy Hamster Hamilton winning and Bottas getting second.
Verstappen gets third after the Ferrari's once again get their strategy knickers in a knot.

But thanks to a very aggressive Grosjean it could have been more points to Team Haas.
After K-Mag swept by him on the safety car restart, he very nearly took both Haas cars out.
This allowed the following cars to catch and eventually pass Grosjean.
Gunther Steiner the Haas boss was telling the Haas boys to "fucking calm down."
This was lost on Grosjean who persisted and fucked up his 8th position and ended up fighting to keep the one point for 10th place.

Steiner also said he wanted to be the first person to talk to K-Mag.
So it is possible K-Mag gets a bollocking as well.
They cannot be throwing away points like that in a race.


I can see them moving Grosjean on next year and getting another driver in.
When he is not screwing the race up for himself and the team he is also very unlucky.
I like Grosjean but as Napoleon asked about one of his Generals. Is he lucky?
And the answer is unfortunately no.

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Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton led every lap today from his No. 2 position on the grid to beat his pole-winning teammate Valtteri Bottas across the finish line by 4.074 seconds – the fifth consecutive 1-2 finish by Mercedes this season. It was Hamilton’s 76th career victory, his third of the season and fourth at Barcelona. Rounding out the podium was third-place Max Verstappen of Red Bull.

The Crazy F1 World Circus next heads for the streets of Monaco. A place founded by a Pirate Dynasty.

The 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship
resumes with the Monaco Grand Prix May 26 at Circuit de Monaco.

Go K-Mag!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Grosjean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!