Daily SPN News bulletin - 2018-12-05

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Dear Lords and Ladies of Skyground, honourable citizens, and vermin from Ground Zero!

The STEEMPUNK-NET consortium expresses its respect to all brave warriors of the last 24 hours.


New day, new fights, new victories!

Another 24 hours of nerve-racking duels in the clockwork arena are behind us.

Countless liters of blood were shed by our brave fighters in the merciless competition for glory and honor.
In front of the yelling crowd they confronted their opponents in merciless slaughter.
Shields were shattered, body parts smashed, weapons soaked in blood and opponents struck down.

Experienced fighters faced new challenges and immaculate newcomers tasted the sweet nectar of victory or the bitter taste of defeat.
No clockwork fighter emerged unchanged from the duels.

The STEEMPUNK-NET consortium proudly announces the most successful fighters of the last 24 hours!

Total number of fights

579 Brave fighters are registered in the clockwork arena.
In 27774 duels they have fought for recognition, honor and fame.

Within the last 24 hours, 579 death-defying warriors fought each
other in 0 fights.


Fighters with the most victories

Deadly and precise: The most glorious arena fighters of the last 24 hours have been:


Fighters with the most duels

Bloodthirsty butchers: The most motivated arena fighters of the last 24 hours have been:


Do you want to show your courage in the clockwork arena?
Then become a STEEMPUNK-NET fighter and prove yourself in battle.
Climb the winner's podium of the clockwork arena and be rewarded for your efforts and power!

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