Splinterlands Updates Plus 300 DEC Daily Giveaway #303(NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM, or FOLLOW required)

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I'm feeling like a million and I hope you are too. We had so many great answers to yesterdays questions it made me hungry lolz. There has been a few changes to the auto vote only on hive so if you have time please jump in there and re-due some of the settings.Okay lets jump right into it.

Yesterdays winner of 250 DEC

@dkid14 Congratulations my friend, thank you for all of the love and support. Go give him some love back.

Yesterdays Runner UP winner of 50 DEC

@gregory-f for his comment Fresh baked bread>Quote, there is no better smell in the world.

Today's Giveaway

Comment one tip for a new player(Take your time and enjoy the process of learning the game)

Incoming Updates

  • Draw, when two players pick identical teams and card level it will no longer be left to change but go straight to a draw.
  • Who's faster, in the event where two cards share the same level and speed the determining factor will be card rarity but if rarity is also the same it will be random.
  • Guild Wars, They are testing different ways to implement a guild vs gild battles or challenges. This could be an exciting and fun reason to Join a guild. Segway ====)------

Free Guild

Monster Burner project is just a few days away from launching it's free guild for new and low level players(no alts). We have a few spots left so jump into our discord and let us know to save you a spot. https://discord.gg/fphVKt8


That's all for today my friends. I will see your tomorrow.


Just play the game and try new things to see what works for you. This is what i did :)

Try to upgrade one summoner as soon as possible to get the most out of the cards in that splinter

Make sure you watch every battle you enter, that way you can see double the powers of each card as they play out the battle. 👍


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