Splinterlands: Big Tips plus 600 DEC Daily Double Giveaway #297(NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM, FOLLOW required)

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The daily double is here and that means one lucky winner will take home 500 DEC and the runner-up will pocket 100 DEC. Good luck to all and remember, the runner-up winner is picked via comment quality while the main winner is random. Lets jump right into it like a pile of fall leaves.

Yesterdays 250 DEC winner

@shaidon, congrats buddy DEC already sent out. Go give him a follow and some love.

Yesterdays runner-up winner of 50 DEC

@madgol for posting an amazing GIF that is actually from real game play.
chicken power.gif

Todays Giveaway

Comment if you understand and your thoughts on anytime tournaments.(Let me know if you want a post to cover the basics).

Today's Tips

We will cover what to buy your cards with and when to buy them.

  • There are 3 accepted currencies on the Splinterlands Market. Steem, DEC, and Credits. If you notice a crash or big dip in DEC price you should buy DEC from steem/hive-engine but DO NOT BUY YOUR CARDS WITH DEC. When the price of DEC is low it takes more DEC to buy cards aka low purchasing power. There for buy DEC when the price is low and buy cards with DEC as the Price is high/higher. If steem has a good day and the price increases often the price of DEC will fall making Steem the go to way to buy cards. Credits can be purchased by paypal or a many different currency's and is pays out the seller of a card in DEC. I mainly buy credits via Hive due to the fact Splinterlands dose not accept Hive in the market place. Credits are 1000 credits for a dollar. The same purchase power idea applies. If one of the 9 cryptos accepted has a nice jump in price, credits acts as a stable coin allowing you a $1 to 1000 credit rate. If DEC and STEEM/HIVE Crash, Credits will still hold the same $1/1000 credit ratio. Here is an example: If you bought 6000 credits when Hive was at .60 cents it would have cost you 10 hive and would give you $6 USD in purchase power. If you kept the Hive and did not covert it into credits until today that same 10 hive will only buy you 3000 Credits giving you half as much buying power. Following these simple tips can really help build your deck upwards of 25% faster.

That is all for today, stay safe and I will see you tomorrow!


tip of the day was outstanding i really needed to know that stuff.....
as i think sometimes its kind of unfair for a person to draw a very strong opponent on early rounds and he ends up finishing on a rank with no rewards while he was better then some who drew easy opponents and got and got into the reward ranks even though they werent good as him, so the anytime tournament gives a balance to this by allowing players to play against all on his table and then decide his fate:p

Sorta. You should def make a post with the basics! Thanks 💚

I don't understand just yet how they work, but I'm excited to enter my first one next week. 🤗

people will be able to participate in more tournaments that are down to their level, but tournament length will be anywhere from extremely short up to 24 hours long.

it's something new and it will definitely be interesting

I understand and love the concept of anytime tournaments. This way I can play tournaments anytime which is currently the main factor stopping me from joining the majority of the tournaments.

sorta, it will save people some time

I would say sometimes lol.

Good luck with your season-ending!!! ~@clove71

The concept of Anytime tournaments sounds great yo me, but we all still need to gain a bit of a practice. Reading about it makes me feel good about playing the tournaments finally. Simultaneously playing many games and preparing teams for up to 24h time is something completely different.

I am definitely going to play.


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I did not understand all of it and I would like to read a post about the tournament.

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