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I feel like I will regret it if I don't buy the cards I need now. I see the prices rising. As far as Beta cards go, I have nearly all of them, and nearly all of them are at max level.

Here are the only ones I don't have at all:

  • Raging Impaler

That's not bad, right? When filtering my collection for Beta cards but also for ALL cards, that's the only one that is greyed out.

Here are the ones I don't have maxed out:

  • Talia Firestorm: I need 16 more. Mine is Level 5 (BCX 31).
  • Minotaur Warrior: I need 136 more. Mine is Level 9 (BCX 369).
  • Xander Foxwood: I need 29 more. I have one that is Level 4 (BCX 16) and another single one that is delegated to @some-asshole.
  • Jarlax The Undead: I need 41 more. Mine is Level 2 (5 BCX).

(I will gladly accept donations)

You'll notice that most of them are 2-mana summoners. While I do understand they can be useful in certain situations, they've also been low on my priority list for pretty much the entire time I've been playing this wonderful game. Why is that? Because the 1 mana difference doesn't always matter all that much, and sometimes the ability that the 3-mana summoner gives the other cards is worth it. I maxed out Xia Seachan and Kiara Lightbringer because I think they are the most useful 2-mana summoners, but the rest I've been slacking on. I'll try to get those soon before the prices get ridiculous.

I suppose we kind of have to wait to see what happens with the new cards that are coming out, but I truly hope that none of them will render any of the Beta (or Alpha) cards useless or weak. I have faith that they'll find ways to introduce new cards that can be useful, but in different ways than the old ones. That way people who have been here since the early days can always have something special to show for it.

I do hope to max out Talia Firestorm and Xander Foxwood, but I don't really know that I'll bother with the other two, and especially not Jarlax The Undead. For whatever reason, I'd just never really liked that card. I've sold most of the ones I've ever pulled, which is why I only have 5 currently.

Magi Sphinx is now at MAX LEVEL

This was my first priority because I like this card and the prices were going up and up. I needed five more to max it out, so I picked them up tonight. This card doesn't get all that much better from level 5 to level 6, but level 6 is still better. And better is, well... better.

Dark Enchantress is now at MAX LEVEL

It's always worth it to max out a card, but it was particularly worth it this time because the Dark Enchantress goes from a magic attack of 3 at level 5 to a magic attack of 4 when you reach max level. With a magic boost, that's 5, and that's enough to take out quite a few cards in one attack. If you get lucky with the rules and all of that.

Screaming Banshee is now at MAX LEVEL

This is the second one that is not only a magic card but a Death Splinter card. I"ve been using both of these at one level below max for quite some time now. It's somewhat rare that I use the Death Splinter. Or, rather, it was rare that I used it. Now that I've got the Crypt Mancer, Corrupted Pegasus, and Undead Archer maxed out, the Death Splinter isn't all that bad anymore!

Frost Giant is now at MAX LEVEL

For some reason, this card has always been lower on my list of priority cards as well. I leased one once before Peakmonsters had a market, and I still had it for months and months and months after what I originally paid for. I didn't realize it until it disappeared, though. I felt bad when I realized I'd had it for much longer than I paid for, but then I also thought that it wasn't really my fault that it wasn't un-delegated. Now I've got my own finally! This card isn't always useful, but it's especially useful in Reverse Speed matches and even more so when you've got a boost on the melee attack.

Oh no! Shark Monsters!

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