SPLINTERLANDS UPDATE: Back in the Gold League, played a few tournaments today, and more!

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I was struggling for a while when I started playing again at a rating of only 1600. Not only was I playing in a different league than I was really used to, but I was using a bunch of cards I wasn't used to. I'm starting to find my favorites among the Untamed cards (ignore my post yesterday), but I'm definitely still looking forward to using some of my old cards.

Speaking of which, I got to play in a couple of tournaments today. In tournaments, I can use my old cards! The first one I played in was a Bronze League tournament with no legendary cards allowed, so I didn't get to use all of my cards. Sadly, I got defeated in the third round.

I lost some points after playing some more and will have to work back up to Gold III, unfortunately. It's tough without my trusty old cards. I'm going to keep saying that...

Goldfoil Untamed Summoner!

I got ONE pack of Untamed cards today for an alt account that plays with mostly gold cards and I got a goldfoil summoner! That's one thing I'm definitely missing from that account is good summoners. I have one other gold Untamed one but everything else is level 1, so even the goldfoil cards that I have are limited to level 1 for now. I might just try to rent a few... or, actually, when my original cards are finally available, I might send some of the Untamed summoners over to this alt for a while as I work on maxing them out. I'll have to probably rely on older summoners for now, which is probably fine. I have a lot of awesome ones!

I took this screenshot first because I thought it was an awesome way to start the pack. Unfortunately, I never took a screenshot of the rest of the cards. None of them were particularly noteworthy, though.

Second place in a silver tournament

The second tournament I played in today went a little better. When I'd made it to the final round, I was already good with that. That's why it didn't hurt too bad to get my ass handed to me that round. I was surprised I'd made it that far, honestly.

Oh no! Shark Monsters!

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Congrats for the gold summoner. I have to get myself a bunch of those. :)

Congratulations to the result in the tournament! Playing tournaments is so much fun and I love it! Let's face each other any time...

Hi there.. I need alot of help with this game.. I would love to play it like you guys... But damn I keep losing.. And I try to pick my units well