Rental Income / Card Maxing Status

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First off, is "maxing" a word? I suppose I should've looked that up instead of asking here.

I feel like the rental experiment worked great. Basically all of my cards are rented out most of the time. I haven't had a ton of people break contracts yet, either.

Current earnings per day: $2.84
Every 30 days: $85.20
Every 365 days: $1036.60

Additionally, on the spreadsheet I made of which cards I still need to max out, the grand total (estimated) to buy all of them is about $1047, which would take roughly 369 days to buy with my current rental income. The reason the price is so high is that I do not have a lot of the Seed Germinator promo cards. I supported the fundraiser and got some cards, but I didn't spend enough and didn't get enough of any of the cards to max them out. I suppose I also need a lot more of the orb cards, and that's one downside to not playing as @sharkmonsters... I'm earning far less DEC.

My list of cards to max out started with 33 cards and I've knocked out 4 of them so far. Like I mentioned, though, the 4 that I have done so far were the easiest of the targets. As you go down the list, it only gets more and more expensive to max out the cards.

Considering the abysmal state of Steem right now, it may be in my best interest to save up for a while and hope that my Peak Credits end up having more buying power if Steem recovers a little bit. Of course, that could backfire, as sometimes it seems like Steem is headed toward $0.00. I really don't want to believe that to be the case, but I've been paying attention for a while and it just keeps sinking and sinking and sinking. It's really quite depressing.

Not bad, though, right? $1000+ a year for just renting out some cards?

Pros: I can buy more cards and increase the value of my collection.

Cons: I can't play with my cards, which also means I can't earn as much DEC.

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That's a nice passive income! Never realized that only a few bucks a day would be 1000 a month.. that is of course if the leases are always active.. How's that been so far? Is the income quite constant until now?