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Well, that's not exactly true. I do care, and I have been paying attention to how the @herons-unlimited account playing all of my cards is doing. And how is that? Well, probably better than I would have done! It's looking pretty likely I'll end up with some packs at the end of the season from it. As well as half the DEC from 150 rewards cards.

Perhaps instead of saying I don't care, I meant to say I'm not feeling the pressure that some people are undoubtedly feeling. It's out of my control!

In typical nerd shark fashion, I've been keeping a spreadsheet of all of the DEC transactions from this arrangement. The first ones were on October 26th and the running total is now around 6800 DEC. It is my hope that I'll end up with a fairly decent amount when the season is over and all is said and done. I need to start buying potions for when I eventually get to open up the Untamed packs.

Man, I really wish they'd timed it out a little better to go right from one set of packs to another set of packs. Getting them and not being able to open them is a bit of a bummer. I suppose it forces me to save them up and do it all as one big reveal event.

It's been nice to not worry much about playing. I think it's possible that I'd set the bar too high by miraculously finishing in the top 10 once. Now that I seemingly can barely break the top 50 as other players progress and just get better and better, it's somehow not as fun when you can't seem to win.

Good luck everyone! Especially my (sadly now former) guildmates in the Immortal Gods!

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