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I hope this one is useful. If you can protect it well enough, it's got a pretty low mana cost and a lot of abilities to bring to the table.

This one seems pretty cool to me. It can help counter against Rennyn or even Selenia attacks. The headwinds ability will help with that, and you can poison a mofo as well. Not bad! I bet this one will come in handy.

A tank healer for the Fire Splinter! Hopefully, this one is useful as well. It also gives an extra melee boost, which could mean some seriously powerful attacks with this splinter. Could offset the -1 melee attack of Death Splinter if your opponent chooses that.

I've never really had a chance to use these cards myself because they weren't powerful enough. I've already delegated them to the Herons Unlimited account.

I know it probably seems weird that I'm still posting about the game so much if I'm not playing it, but I still do value the collection and want it to be more and more valuable. I want to max out all of the cards I can while it's still possible. Like I said before, I'll come back to playing at some point. It may be with a smaller account, but we'll see.

I might start working on building a second one at some point. I still think what I might do is play with only Untamed cards when I open all of the packs I've got or will have by the time they're available. Until those are maxed out, I won't be delegating them to the Herons account, so I can always play with them in the Silver league or whatever is possible based on the level they get to. I'll have a couple hundred packs, but that's sadly probably not enough to max any cards out.

In other news...

In other news, @california-gull is already up to a rating of 2684 in basically one day. That's a gold rating already, so it can play in gold tournaments. DEC for nothing, booster packs for free!

Oh no! Shark Monsters!

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Oh nice, I am still far away from maxing these cards, despite having five accounts grinding them. Did you buy them from the market?

Thanks! Yeah, I bought the ones I needed to hit max from the market. I think I've done that with every rewards card, actually. Not sure how possible it is to max them out just by playing.

To the MAX!! Awesome, some great cards to max!