I got some pretty good rewards but I had to go to Peakmonsers to see what they were because Steem is a steaming pile of shit

Screen Shot 20200419 at 8.10.36 AM.png

These days, you're lucky when you get cards at all in your rewards. It's usually a handful of DEC and a bunch of single charges of potions. So it's even rarer that you actually get a legendary card.

This card is only useful if you have a really really high mana cap battle, but then it's kind of nice because it can take a lot of hits while your other cards survive long enough to fuck some shit up.

This happens kind of a lot, but I got an error on the Splinterland site when I tried to claim my rewards. It didn't show the rewards, and then it just told me that the rewards had already been claimed. When this happens, I feel like a shitty blockchain has robbed me of the experience of opening those chests. Is that dramatic? Yeah, but fuck it. I don't care. I'm Satan, the original drama queen.

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