My Weekly Battle - The Spark Pixies Challenge

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Another 1st time with a card I never used before, the Spark Pixies card seems weak with only 1 health point and a mana cost of 4.

Let's see in detail the pros and cons:


  • good attack
  • high speed
  • fly ability a must with earthquake
  • good price ($ 0.10)


  • mana cost (4) could be lower
  • slow with reverse speed gameset
  • very low health

With the protection of the fog of war Spark Pixies is safe from sneak and snike attacks and can play a important role!


My opponent


stat my.png stat maly.png

My opponent played much more battles (9 times) than I did, but I got a higher winning rate (53% vs 46%) and a much better rank (almost 2000 positions).

My strategy


Malyude has recently played with cards with level 1, so I will use my cards with the highiest level to use all the strengh and abillities they have.

My lineup:


Malric Inferno: +1 extra melee attack to my cards, the best option of a quick winning battle

The Goblin Mech: its great melee attack increased by the summoner to wipe out all the enemies

The Grumpy Dwarf not afraid by the fog from the 2nd can strikes some good final hits

Furious Chicken, always ready to get in the battle when there is a free space to fill paying 0 mana cost

Beetle Queen: hide and hit is her motto with a special magic touch

Goblin Shaman: "I take your health away" is his favorite song to cheer up the team

Spark Pixies: let it rain, with hundreds of deadly arrows

The battle:

All my team values are higher than my opponent, I hope maths in not an opinion...



2nd start and my opponent looks a little weak on the legs and short of breath



Ok Sparky, finish that chicken so we can go for dinner!



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Oooh! I love all the pics in your post. It pleases me greatly. 🥰
Fog of War is a perfect ruleset for the Pixies!
Thanks for sharing!

good to please you my fair lady, have a great week!