My Journey to Splinterlands Cards Trading


After getting disappointed by the change in the rewards system and DEC price hitting below my expectation,I decided to take the card trading business seriously.I have previously bought and sold cards but my experience wasn't very good.It is because I had to wait almost two months to get my first card sold even when I set the price very close to buying price.So I backed off for a while but then I tried to find out how to make a good amount of money from card trading and how to make it fast.

I started visiting the card marketplace frequently to get myself updated with the price of the cards which are most commonly used for battle.Then two days ago,I saw that someone listed some cards at a very low price.


Spirit of the Forest listed for sale

By very low,I mean below the average lowest price of those cards in the market.I have never seen someone selling Beta edition cards at that low price since the release of Untamed cards in the market.

So I made up my mind without any hesitation to buy a few of those cards which I thought could bring the best result for me and I bought the following cards.

Card NameEditionLevel(BCX)Price
Alric StrombringerBetaLevel-4 (11 BCX)$5.636
Zintar MortalisBetaLevel-4 (12 BCX)$5.704
Spirit of the ForestBetaLevel-1 (1 BCX)$5.594

I decided to keep the Zintar Mortalis for a while because I don't want to sell it right now.But I have listed the rest of the two cards for sale.So lets talk about them now.

Alric Strombringer(Level-4)

There is a heavy demand of Alric Strombringer in the market as water splinter is the favorite splinter of many splinterlands players.As a result,the price of this card is higher than any other rare beta edition summoners.

When,I saw that it was listed for only $5.636 I couldn't believe my eyes because the cost per BCX of this card was just $0.51 when I bought it.

I have decided to sell it for $13.75 which means $1.25 cost per BCX and if I become able to sell it at that price,I will make $8.114 profit just by selling this card.

Spirit of the Forest

Spirit of the forest is a legendary card from the earth splinter.This card has the flying ability and snipe attack ability at 6 speed. In level 2,this card has the tank heal ability and in level 3 it has the protect ability.

This card can make a big difference in the game and as a result,it is wanted by many players who love to play with the Earth Splinter.

I have listed this card at the market for $8.50,if I become able to make the sell,then I will earn $2.906.

So in total by selling this two cards,I will be able to make $11.02.

Now I don't know when I will be able to sell those but once I sell those I will make a blog about it again,until then stay safe,stay inside home unless it is necessary to go outside and keep playing splinterlands. I hope I will be able to come up with a further interesting post for you in the future.Let me know,how do you feel about this blog by leaving a comment below.

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