The Tales of Silvershield the Bard

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So I got bought a handful of Essence Orbs early on in my Splinterlands adventures. One of the cards that kept coming up was Silvershield Bard.

The artwork was kind of cute but I couldn't see what you would do with her, let alone what warranted the Rare status. Here's her stats and we can examine them together:
2019-12-28 (2).png

Granted she is 1 mana but for that you are getting, at best, 2 melee, 4 speed, 3 life, Swiftness, and this odd ability called Cleanse.

Cleanse - Remove all negative effects on the Monster in the first position on the friendly team.

I really didn't give this card much of a second thought. Until the other day, playing in a Taking Sides battle and looking to complete a Life Splinter Daily Quest I found my team with one open slot AND one mana left to use. So on a whim I filled it with this lovely lady expecting nothing more than a glorified and short lived snipe attack to take her out.

My opponent was playing Death Splinter and kept hitting my front line tank with Poison. And yet....wait for it....nothing happened. Turn after turn my Healer restored the life, my Armorsmith kept repairing the shield, and this lovely Bard kept removing all these negative effects.

The skies parted, the angels sung, and the universe was in harmony...ok maybe not that excessive. But the team worked efficiently to win the battle and I gained a new found appreciation for what this little lady can do.

So...bottom line. In certain play conditions consider the worthwhile merit of Cleanse and of this 1 mana traveling minstrel.

Till next time remember to have fun, and Play On!



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