My Splinterlands Epic Battle "My Tough Gold Foil Furious Chicken Saves Day" splinterlands show your battle contest

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Hello everyone today I want to share to you one of my unforgettable epic battle in spinterlands, and in this epic match my Gold Foil Furious Chicken is the MVP lol.

Gold Foil Furious Chicken the Last Monster Standing

Furious chicken is very usefull and quite famous.... because of all the mosters in the game only the furious chicken has zero mana, so oviously you can use this card anytime you want if you have free slot on your battle deck, and also this card become more special and useful if you have gold foil version of this card because gold foil cards adds 10% on DEC tokens capture rate per match. So if you have FURIOUS CHICKEN gold foil or not dont forget to use it hehe...

Gold Foil Furious Chicken the Last Monster Standing

My Strategy

I always use my gold foil chicken as sacrifice to nullify the first attack of my enemy monsters so I always put this card on the front or on the last position to protect my long range monster attacking on the back especially if I think that my enemy will use a monster with snipe ability...

But on that match(on the video) my prediction is wrong i put the furious chicken on the last position because I thought that my enemy will use a monster with snipe ability, but he did not use one. I thought I lose that match because all my monsters are defeated but thanks to my furious chicken he manage to defeat the remaining monsters of my enemy, he is really tough LOL...

Thats all for now and thanks for dropping by..

And thank you on your time spent reading this content,

See you on my next posts.


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LOL! That's happened to me! Put the chicken in the back and it ends up being the last 'man' standing. 🤣
Thanks for sharing! 🥰@carrieallen

Woot!, thank you for the support.. yaeh that chicken is pretty tough.. never expecting to win that match at all LOL..

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