Card giveaway + 10 kgcoin token's

in splinterlands •  3 months ago 

Hello everyone here's my giveaway this week everyone welcome to enter the winner will get to pick a card of there choice + 10 kgcoin token's please follow all the rules below


  1. Upvote this post

  2. send 2 kgcoin tokens @kgcoin

  3. Comment which card you want if you win

  4. Tag someone who might be interested in this giveaway

If you don't own any kgcoin token's they are available on steem engine
All entries name's will be put into a hat one name will be picked out and that will be the first for a extra name to be added resteem this post make sure you comment if you resteem so I can add two names instead of one big thanks in advance to everyone who takes part in this giveaway and also big thanks to everyone who has taken part in my previous giveaways

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Upvoted, Crystal werewolf, kgcoin sent, @mylord1992, also re-steemed

Thanks for entering good luck