Awesome Untamed Pack from Season Rewards, and I Beat Yabapmatt!

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Sometimes I get lucky! Here's a post about how I got a good Untamed pack and how I beat @yabapmatt in a @splinterlands battle! I'll attribute both events to good luck! :)

Season Reward

I finished last season as a Diamond I and among my loot box rewards was an Untamed pack. WOW, look at what I got!


Quite a variety! A Common, a Rare, TWO Epics and a Legendary! Luck was with me on that pack.

I beat yabapmatt

So @yabapmatt is co-creator of @Steemmonsters / @splinterlands along with @aggroed. I don't know if I have ever met either of them on the battlefield before. But this happened on 3/26/2021:


Here is a link to watch the battle, to prove that it really happened!

He had a level 10 card, three level 8s and a level 4 chicken.

I had a level 8 Creeping Ooze, my trusty level 3 Ruler of the Seas, a level 5 Magi Sphinx and a level 3 Gold Furi Chicken.

My cards were fast and I destroyed his first 2 cards before his healer could help them. I ended up with everything except my Furi Chic at the end of the battle!

I had to make a post about this because it will probably never happen again!

Battle on! Good Luck! 😀👍