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This steaming and sputtering pile of power is the result of years of secret Gloridax experimentation. The Enchanted Defender combines the latest magical technologies (stolen from Azmare) with indestructible metals from the quarries of Khymeria. Its Power Core is made from the concentrated sap of the Burning Land’s Everburning Trees, and spied gear systems from Gobson have provided its complex inner-working. The Dragons named it "Defender" as a sort of cruel mockery, knowing full well that it was designed to destroy.


I honestly would have never given this card a try if it weren't for the latest Splinterlands Battle Challenge. ENCHANTED DEFENDER starts to be useful at level 5 when it has the thorn ability, but I wouldn't use this card if your enemy is going to use magic attacks.


I had just one more battle victory to go to receive my prize, so I got my ENCHANTED DEFENDER up to level 5 and sent it into battle for the first time.


THE KRAKEN took all of the magic attacks while my ENCHANTED DEFENDER softened up my enemy's FLESH GOLEM. It didn't survive the battle, but it served as a good distraction so the other cards could smash our enemy. We wouldn't have killed their FLESH GOLEM without it.


Wow, look at the cool new reward cards! My DAILY QUEST had better rewards than my season did even though I had thirty chests. Thanks for checking out my battle and quest rewards today. How was your season? See you on the battlefield!