Splinterlands Reward Edition Vampire Card Giveaway Results

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Welcome to today's drawing for a Splinterlands card!

Last week I posted the giveaway announcement for this Vampire card. Now that we have reached the post payout, it's time to close the entry period and draw a name to find out who the lucky person is who will receive this powerful Death Splinter card.



Vampire Giveaway Results

To pick the winner of my Vampire giveaway posted seven days ago, I used the Steem Comment Picker to randomly select one of the eligible comments. Here is the result:

vamp results.JPG

Congratulations @blazing! Your new Vampire card has been sent to your Splinterlands account.

vamp sent.JPG


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I'm a proud member of


Thx for spreading the love of Splinterlands! cant wait for the UNTAMED.
@tipu curate

I hope all is well buddy

It's good, kind of a tough time at work, but I'll get through it. Thanks for asking.

Count me in
Thanks for the chance

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